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A4 paper holds a ubiquitous presence in Nigeria, finding its way into offices, schools, and businesses alike. If you’re considering purchasing A4 paper, it’s essential to be informed about the latest prices in the market. In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll delve into the current A4 paper prices in Nigeria and explore some unexpectedly creative and fun applications of this common office staple.

 Latest A4 Paper Prices in Nigeria

Whether for professional or personal use, knowing the current market prices for A4 paper is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of the latest A4 paper prices in Nigeria as of September 11, 2023:

  1. Double A 75g A4 Office Printing Paper Pack – 2 packs: N8,000.
  2. Double-A (A4 Paper) 70g: N7,500.
  3. PPC A4 Printing Paper 1 Ream 500 Sheets: N9,500.
  4. Chamex A4 Paper – 1 REAM 75g/m– WHITE: N7,500.
  5. Conqueror 500 Sheet A4 Paper Laid (Textured) Light Cream: N7,400.
  7. Argos PVC Box Files For A4 Paper: ₦2,200 – ₦2,700.
  8. A4 Paper For Printing – Photocopy – Art & Craft – 5 Colors – 100 Sheets: ₦5,500 – ₦6,000.
  9. A&S A4 Paper – 75g White- 1 Ream: ₦9,000 – ₦15,000.
  10. Chamex – A4 Paper – 75g – 5 Bundle: ₦27,350 – ₦28,500.

Fun and Creative Uses of A4 Paper

While A4 paper is a staple for printing and writing, it can also be a source of creative inspiration. Here are five fun and inventive ways to use A4 paper:

  1. Origami: Dive into the ancient art of origami by transforming A4 paper into intricate shapes, animals, and more. Origami isn’t just a craft; it’s a way to express creativity and can be used for decoration, gifts, or even games.
  2. Paper Airplanes: Turn a simple sheet of A4 paper into a classic toy – the paper airplane. Experiment with different folds to create various airplane designs. It’s not only fun but also a hands-on way to learn about aerodynamics and physics.
  3. Paper Mache: Unleash your artistic side by using A4 paper for paper mache projects. Create sculptures, masks, or bowls by soaking torn paper in a water and flour mixture. After drying, paint and decorate your creations as desired.
  4. Paper Lanterns: Illuminate your space with homemade paper lanterns crafted from A4 paper. Cut, fold, and insert a light source to create beautiful decorations for your room, garden, or patio.
  5. Paper Collage: Engage in the art of paper collage by cutting and pasting A4 paper to form images or compositions. This creative outlet is perfect for making unique artwork, posters, cards, or bookmarks.


this blog post has not only provided you with the latest A4 paper prices in Nigeria but has also opened a world of creative possibilities with this versatile office essential. From origami to paper mache, explore the myriad ways A4 paper can add a touch of creativity to your life. Stay informed, get creative, and make the most out of your A4 paper!

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