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Whether you’re crafting bags as a creative hobby or pursuing it as a commercial venture, having the right materials is crucial for success. In this blog post, we’ll explore the must-have materials for making bags and provide up-to-date prices for these essentials in Nigeria.

Materials and Prices:

Bag Fabric (From N700 per yard): The choice of fabric greatly influences a bag’s durability and design. Options range from denim and leather to cotton and traditional Ankara fabric.

Sewing Machine (From N75,000): A sewing machine is a key investment for bag makers. Choose between manual and electric machines based on your capital, business scale, and the materials you work with.

Webbing (From N2200 per 10m): Webbing, often made of cotton or nylon fibers, is used for bag handles. It adds sturdiness and convenience to your bags, with various sizes and colors available.

Zippers (10 pieces, From N3000): Zippers are essential for securing the contents of bags. Explore options like closed-end, separating, invisible, and more, ensuring quality from trusted vendors.

Magnetic Snaps (10 sets, From N2,210): These snaps add a professional touch to bags, providing a secure closure.

Purse Locks (From N300): Enhance the security and style of your bags with purse locks, available at an affordable price.

Bag Bottoms & Feet (From N1,000 per pack of four): These components add structure and durability to the bottom of bags.

Materials Needed for Bag Making:

Bag making has evolved into a lucrative low-capital business in Nigeria. Some essential materials include:

Bag Fabric: Choose the right fabric for the desired design and functionality of your bags. Ensure it can withstand stress for increased longevity.

Sewing Machine: A crucial piece of equipment for efficient bag production, select a machine based on your business scale, available capital, and the materials you use.

Webbing: These materials are used for bag handles, enhancing convenience and sturdiness. Cotton or nylon fibers are commonly used.

Zippers: The most important part of bags, zippers come in various types. Select high-quality zippers from trusted vendors to ensure reliability.

Tips for Better Bag Making:

  1. Choose the Right Fabric: Consider the function of the bag when selecting fabric. It should be both attractive and strong to ensure longevity.
  2. Use Walking Foot Machines: Walking foot machines aid in sewing multiple fabric layers, making the process faster and more efficient.
  3. Cover Webbing with Fabric: Enhance the aesthetics and value of your bags by covering webbing with the same fabric used for the bag’s exterior.


Whether you’re a hobbyist or a serious bag maker, having the right materials is essential for success. Explore the diverse options available, consider their prices, and follow these tips to create high-quality, attractive bags. Keep in mind that material prices are subject to change, so stay informed for the best results in your bag-making endeavors.

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