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A well-equipped kitchen is incomplete without a reliable set of cooking pots. As the demand for these essential kitchen tools continues to rise, numerous brands have entered the market, offering a variety of sizes, designs, and types. This post delves into the prices of cooking pots in the Nigerian market, providing insights into popular brands and key factors to consider when making a purchase.

Cooking Pot Prices in Nigeria:

Determining an exact figure for cooking pot prices proves challenging due to the diverse range of sizes, designs, brands, and types available in the market. Cooking pots are often sold individually or in sets, typically comprising three, four, five, six, or more pieces. The most common sets are the 3-piece and 8-piece cooking pots.

Single-piece cooking pots generally range from N1,000 to N7,000, depending on factors such as brand, size, and quality. Specialized designs may command higher prices. Below are some prominent cooking pot brands in the Nigerian market and their respective price ranges:

  1. Dessini Cooking Pots:
    • Dessini 8 Pieces Cooking Pot – From N40,000
    • Dessini 10 Pieces Die-Coat Pot – From N41,000
    • Dessini 23 Pieces Die-Coat Pot – From N70,000
    • Dessini Non-Stick Granite Cookware Set 10-Piece – From N107,000
  2. Tramontina Cooking Pots:
    • Tramontina Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven 2-pack Pot Set – N85,600 – N90,000
    • Tramontina 3 Piece Induction Cooking Set – From N20,000
    • Tramontina Fabulous 10 Pieces Non-Stick Heavy-Guage Aluminum Cookware Set – From N155,000
  3. Dzire Cooking Pots:
    • Dzire 4 Large Set of Nonstick Cooking Pot – From N44,000
    • Dzire 8 Pieces Cookware Sets – From N47,000
  4. Rite Chef Cooking Pots:
    • Rite Chef Casserole – 6 Piece Set CW-206 – From N39,000
  5. Master Chef Cooking Pots:
    • Master Chef 3 Set of cooking Pot – From N23,000
  6. Sumo Premium Cooking Pots:
    • Sumo Premium 4 Pieces Luxury Non-Stick Pot Set – From N25,000
    • Sumo Premium 6 pieces Non-Stick Cookware Set S-7017 – From N40,000
    • Sumo Premium Aluminium Cookware Set – 7 Pieces – From N36,000
  7. Other Common Cooking Pots:
    • Kinelco 3 pieces Non-stick Pots – From N35,000
    • Hoffner 3 pieces Non-Stick – From N32,000
    • Le Decor 4 Piece Premium Non-Stick Cookware Pot Set – From N26,000

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Cooking Pot:

  1. Budget:
    • Determine your budget to narrow down options and find pots within your price range. The most expensive pots may not always be the best for your current needs.
  2. Heat Conductivity:
    • Consider the material of the pot. Some materials, like copper, offer superior heat conductivity, ensuring more even cooking. Decide whether copper, stainless steel, or other materials suit your preferences.
  3. Durability:
    • Evaluate the longevity of different brands and pot types. Stainless steel, for instance, is known for its durability.


Choosing the right cooking pots involves careful consideration of your budget, heat conductivity preferences, and desired durability. With various brands and types available, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research and confirm current market prices before making a purchase. A well-informed decision ensures that your kitchen is equipped with high-quality and long-lasting cooking pots.

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