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Are you an IT professional in Nigeria looking to boost your career with the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification? In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the current costs of CISA certification in Nigeria for 2023, providing you with essential information to navigate this globally recognized qualification.

Cost of CISA Certification in Nigeria:

CISA Overview: The Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification is tailored for Information Technology Audit professionals, offering a globally accepted standard of proficiency in Information Systems audit. Awarded by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), this certification enhances skills in audit, control, and security of information systems.

Benefits of CISA Certification:

CISA certification opens doors to extensive employment opportunities with higher pay grades, making certified individuals highly sought after by top companies. It sets a global standard of competence and ensures a competitive edge in the labor market.

Examination Details:

The CISA examination can be taken at any time in a calendar year, lasting approximately four hours with 150 multiple-choice questions. A minimum score of 450 out of 800 points is required to pass.

Current Cost of CISA Certification in Nigeria :

If you’re an ISACA member, the CISA certification examination cost is more affordable. The process starts with a $50 application fee. ISACA members pay $575, while non-members pay $760. Prices may vary based on the exchange rate. ISACA membership registration is an additional $175.

Classification of CISA Examination Modules in Nigeria:

The CISA examination is divided into five modules, each focusing on specific aspects of Information Systems audit:

  1. Auditing Information Systems
  2. Governance and Management of Information Technology
  3. Information Systems (IS) Acquisition, Development, and Implementation
  4. Information Systems (IS) Operations and Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets

Obtaining Your CISA Certificate:

After passing the CISA examination, obtaining your certificate involves filling out an application five years from the result release date. Experience certificates must be forwarded to ISACA for verification before receiving the certification.

Retaking the CISA Certification Examination:

In the event of a failed attempt (scoring below 450), you can retake the CISA exam. Simply register again, pay the necessary fees, and prepare for the exam, following the same process as your initial attempt.


Investing in CISA certification in Nigeria not only enhances your professional skills but also opens doors to lucrative career opportunities. Stay ahead in the dynamic field of Information Systems audit and position yourself as a sought-after IT professional with the globally recognized CISA certification.

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