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When it comes to construction, steel reinforcements play a pivotal role in ensuring the structural integrity of buildings. In Nigeria, these crucial components, often referred to as iron rods, come in various sizes and types, with the Hot Rolled Deformed Bars being the most widely used for enhancing concrete tensile strength in beams and columns.

Types of Steel Bars:

Understanding the types of steel bars is essential for any construction project. The four main types used for load-bearing purposes are Cold Worked Steel, Prestressing Steel, Hot Rolled Deformed Bars, and Mild Steel Plain Bars. In Nigeria, Hot Rolled Deformed Bars, commonly known as iron rods, are the go-to choice for their superior tensile strength.

Choosing the Right Size:

For small to medium-scale projects, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm bar sizes are cost-effective without compromising structural integrity. However, large-scale engineering constructions like bridges may require higher diameter bars to maintain stability over extensive lengths.

Current Prices:

  • 6 mm: ₦1,200 per piece
  • 8 mm: ₦2,100 per piece
  • 10 mm: ₦3,300 per piece
  • 12 mm: ₦4,800 per piece
  • 16 mm: ₦8,500 per piece
  • 20 mm: ₦13,000 per piece
  • 25 mm: ₦21,000 per piece
  • 30 mm: ₦30,500 per piece

Standard Length of Iron Rods:

The standard sale length of iron rods in the Nigerian market is 12 meters, catering to both low and full gauges. For instance, a ton of Y16 reinforcement bars contains 52 pieces of 12-meter length steel bars.

Stirrup Rebar Costs:

Stirrups, essential for holding steel bars together at intervals, come in smaller diameters. Their current price per unit is below ₦900.

Top Iron Rod Manufacturers in Nigeria:

  1. Tiger TMT Iron Rods: Known for high-quality bars with ISO 9001, CARES, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 accreditations. Located at KM 45, Shagamu, Ikorodu Expressway, Ogijo, Ogun State.
  2. Quantum Steels Nigeria Limited: A top steel manufacturing company situated at 16 KM, Ikorodu – Sagamu Road, Ogijo, Ogun State, producing high-quality steel products.
  3. Saba Steel Industries Nigeria Limited: Located at 14 – 16 Mission Street, Kirikiri Apapa in Lagos State, this company aims to produce reinforcing steel bars meeting international standards.
  4. Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited: A major supplier of iron rods on a large scale, located at Ajaokuta, Kogi State.
  5. Dana Steel Company: With a modern Steel Rolling Mill in Katsina, Dana Steel, situated at KM 4, Apapa-Oshodi Expressway, Ijesha, Lagos, is a reputable manufacturer diversifying its business into iron rods.


This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into steel reinforcements in Nigeria, covering prices, types, and top manufacturers. Whether you’re a contractor, real estate developer, or structural engineer, understanding the nuances of iron rods is essential for successful construction projects.

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