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Wire mesh, a flexible and malleable material typically made of stainless steel, plays a vital role in various industries, with applications ranging from construction to industrial filtration. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the uses of wire mesh, explore its applications in Nigeria, discuss its current prices, and provide valuable insights into specific types of wire mesh.

The Ubiquitous Applications of Wire Mesh

Wire mesh finds extensive use in Nigeria, particularly in the construction industry. British Reinforcement Company Ltd (BRC) has established itself as a leading manufacturer, producing wire mesh for concrete casting in slabs, walkways, ramps, pavements, and driveways. Beyond construction, wire mesh serves purposes such as steel reinforcement, industrial filters, building fences, support in chemistry labs, animal cage construction, room design, and decoration, among others.

Current Prices of Wire Mesh in Nigeria

For those inquiring about the cost of wire mesh in Nigeria, the average price falls between ₦15,000 to ₦60,000 per roll. Specific mesh sizes and thicknesses come with varying prices, such as 40×2.1m BRC at ₦18,000, 3.7×1.2m Galvanized at ₦4,500, and 3×2.4m Panel at ₦57,000.

A Comprehensive Review of Wire

Mesh Wire mesh, also known as wire cloth, boasts versatility in its manufacturing, with infinite combinations of aperture widths and diameter wires. It is widely used in industrial and commercial applications, including galvanized wire mesh for protection against rust and corrosion. Flexible metal mesh, poultry nets, and metal gauze mesh are among the various types, each tailored to specific needs.

Specific Types of Wire Mesh and Their Applications

  • Galvanized Wire Mesh: Ideal for fencing, agriculture, greenhouse, architecture, and more.
  • Flexible Metal Mesh: Versatile for industrial, commercial, and decorative uses.
  • Poultry Net: Sturdy netting for poultry safety and containment.
  • Flexible Metal Netting: Lightweight and flexible, woven from stainless steel wire rope.
  • Wire Cloth: Used for sifting, screening machines, conveyor belts, and protection.
  • Metal Gauze Mesh: Lightweight and transparent with various metal options.
  • Metal Mesh Fabric: Durable, strong, and flexible, suitable for various applications.
  • Woven Mesh: Adaptable and cost-effective, ideal for unusual shapes and contours.
  • BRC Wire Mesh: Utilized in surface reinforcement for ground slabs, sidewalks, and driveways.
  • Metal Mesh Concrete: Welded steel fabric for concrete reinforcement.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Cloth: Excellent quality with customizable specifications.
  • Wire Mesh for Fencing: High-strength mesh used for security and animal enclosures.


wire mesh proves indispensable in various industries, offering solutions for security, construction, filtration, and more. Understanding the diverse types and applications of wire mesh ensures the quality and effectiveness of its use. Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate, and it’s recommended to verify current costs from reliable sources.

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