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Tiles, those square or rectangular wonders, have been adorning buildings for centuries, adding both functionality and aesthetic appeal. From the intricate kufic inscriptions in Iranian mosques to the vibrant Ishtar Gate of Babylon, tiles have a rich history across different cultures. In contemporary Nigeria, the desire for artistic and beautiful homes has driven a surge in tile popularity. This guide explores the types of tiles available, their prices, and tips for making budget-friendly choices.

Types of Tiles in Nigeria:

Nigeria boasts a diverse array of tiles, including Granite, Slate, Porcelain, Marble, Onyx, Sandstone, Tarvertine, Ceramic, Mosaic, Quarry, Natural Stone, Goodwill (a porcelain tile variation), and PVC (also known as vinyl tile). Each type caters to different tastes and purposes, from flooring to roofing and walls.

Prices of Tiles per Square Metre in Nigeria (2023):

Understanding the prices of various tiles is crucial for those seeking both quality and affordability. Here’s a breakdown of prices for some popular tile types:

  1. Ceramic Tile:

    • (40 x 40): ₦1,600 to ₦3,000
    • (60 x 60): ₦2,000 to ₦6,800
    • (120 x 60): ₦8,800
  2. Goodwill Tile:

    • (40 x 40): ₦2,000 to ₦3,500
    • (60 x 60): ₦4,000 to ₦5,500
  3. PVC Floor Tile:

    • ₦3,500 to ₦9,000
  4. Granite Tile:

    • (30 x 30): ₦5,500
    • (40 x 40): ₦6,700
    • (60 x 60): ₦8,000
  5. Vitrified Tile:

    • (30 x 30): ₦2,000 to ₦6,000
    • (40 x 40): ₦1,500 to ₦3,000
    • (60 x 60): ₦4,000 to ₦8,000
  6. Porcelain Tile:

    • Prices vary based on size and thickness
  7. Mosaic Tile:

    • Expensive due to unique materials and arrangements
  8. Toilet, Kitchen, Bathroom, and Outside Wall Tiles:

    • Prices vary based on size

Tips for Budget-Friendly Tile Choices:

  1. Ceramic tiles are a cost-effective and popular choice for households.
  2. Consider the size of the room and choose tiles accordingly to minimize waste.
  3. Research local vendors for the best deals, as prices can vary.
  4. Opt for PVC floor tiles for an affordable yet stylish flooring option.
  5. Budget around ₦100,000 for tiling a room, factoring in tile type, room size, and additional materials.


Tiles are not merely functional; they are an essential element of home aesthetics. The variety available in Nigeria caters to diverse tastes and needs. Whether you prefer the affordability of ceramic tiles or the luxury of marble, understanding the types and prices empowers you to make informed decisions. Remember, a well-tiled home not only enhances beauty but also ensures durability and easy maintenance.

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