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Power bikes have become a thrilling phenomenon on Nigerian roads, captivating both the young and elderly with their impressive designs, powerful engines, and exhilarating speeds. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the exciting world of power bikes in Nigeria, exploring different brands, their merits and demerits, and, most importantly, providing you with the latest information on the prices of power bikes in the country for 2023.

Why Choose Power Bikes in Nigeria?

Power bikes offer a unique blend of speed, efficiency, durability, safety, and adventure. With the ever-growing traffic congestion in major cities like Lagos, these sleek machines provide a convenient way to navigate through, ensuring you reach your destination on time.

Merits of Power Bikes in Nigeria:

  1. Speed: Power bikes are renowned for their incredible speed, making them a reliable means of reaching your destination swiftly, even in heavy traffic.
  2. Efficiency: These bikes are highly efficient, offering a viable alternative to cars and covering long distances with ease, tackling the challenges of Nigerian roads.
  3. Durability: Built with quality and toughness in mind, power bikes are designed to withstand the pressures of Nigerian roads, ensuring they endure for an extended period.
  4. Safety: When ridden responsibly with the necessary precautions and protective gear, power bikes are considered safe, with a low incidence of accidents compared to regular motorcycles.
  5. Adventure: The thrill of gliding past vehicles at top speeds provides a unique and priceless adventure that power bikes bring to the roads of Nigeria.

Demerits of Power Bikes in Nigeria:

  1. Cost: While many aspire to own a power bike, their high cost makes them a luxury that only a few can afford in the current economic climate.
  2. Not Family-Friendly: Designed for two people, power bikes are not suitable for families, limiting the number of passengers to just the rider and one other.
  3. Parts: The expense and limited availability of spare parts pose challenges for power bike owners, making maintenance a costly affair.

Current Cost of Power Bikes in Nigeria :

Brand New Power Bikes:

  • Ducati Superbike 2018: ₦4,900,000 – ₦6,000,000

Tokunbo (Foreign Used) Power Bikes:

  • Kawasaki 400cc Power Bike 2014 (Black): ₦1,500,000 – ₦1,850,000
  • Yamaha YZF 2011: ₦2,500,000 – ₦3,500,000
  • Harley Davidson 2014 Power Bike: ₦5,200,000 – ₦6,000,000

Locally Used Power Bikes:

  • Kawasaki Vulcan 2010 Power Bike (Silver): ₦850,000 – ₦1,150,000
  • Suzuki Gsxr 4000-600 (Yellow) Manual Power Bike 2002: ₦450,000 – ₦700,000
  • Electric Power Bike: ₦300,000 – ₦480,000


As the power bike market continues to grow in Nigeria, these machines remain a symbol of speed, adventure, and efficiency on the roads. While the cost may be a barrier for many, the unique experience they offer is undoubtedly worth exploring. Whether you’re considering a brand new, tokunbo, or locally used power bike, this guide provides valuable insights to help you make an informed decision in 2023. Happy riding!

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