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Crunchies Fried Chicken stands as a culinary icon in Abia State, renowned for its delectable dishes and top-tier services. With over thirteen years of serving mouth-watering meals, this quick-service restaurant has become a staple in Aba, as well as extending its reach across the South-Eastern and South-South States.

Exploring Crunchies Price List:

While exact pricing details are not readily available, Crunchies Fried Chicken offers a diverse menu featuring a range of delicious options. From Breakfast selections to Chinese delights, Meal Combos, Pastries, Cakes, Rice and Chicken dishes, Sandwiches, Shawarma, and more, customers are treated to a variety of tempting choices.

Crunchies Fried Chicken Services:

Crunchies goes beyond merely offering delicious meals; it provides exceptional services to enhance the dining experience. Here are some noteworthy services:

  1. Home Delivery: For busy individuals, Crunchies offers a convenient home and office delivery service. Customers can surprise their loved ones on special occasions by placing orders through the home delivery helpline.
  2. Outdoor Services: Planning an event? Crunchies Fried Chicken excels in outdoor catering, providing professional event management services. Their skilled team caters to a range of events, from breakfast meetings to weddings, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.
  3. Indoor Services: Whether opting for ‘eat-ins’ or ‘takeaways,’ Crunchies guarantees a hygienic and serene environment. The staff is well-trained to provide friendly services, maintaining international standards.

Crunchies Fried Chicken Location:

Located at 6 Factory Road (Leventis Building), Aba, Abia State, Nigeria, Crunchies Fried Chicken offers a central hub for culinary enjoyment. For inquiries, contact them at +234 810 418 4017 or +234 907 156 5342, or via email at info@crunchiesfriedchickenltd.com. Visit their website at www.crunchiesfriedchicken.com.

Benefits of Eating Out:

Apart from savoring delicious meals, eating out at restaurants like Crunchies provides numerous benefits:

  1. Communication: Restaurants foster communication, allowing families, friends, and business associates to connect without the distractions of home.
  2. Convenience: For those who prefer not to cook, restaurants offer a convenient solution, sparing individuals from the hassle of meal preparation and clean-up.
  3. Health: Restaurants prioritize health by adhering to regulations, ensuring meals are prepared with healthy recipes and in clean environments.


Crunchies Fried Chicken emerges not just as a restaurant but as an experience, offering a blend of culinary excellence and exceptional services. Whether enjoying a meal at their inviting location or opting for the convenience of home delivery, Crunchies ensures that every dining experience is a memorable one. Explore the diverse menu and relish the benefits of dining out at Crunchies Fried Chicken.

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