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In the realm of cable TV services in Africa, Multichoice stands tall as a leader, managing both DSTV and the widely popular GOTV. With a robust network providing extensive coverage of domestic and global events, GOTV has become a household name in Nigeria, offering a plethora of channels spanning local and global news, music, movies, TV shows, sports, and more. Notably, it has gained recognition as a more budget-friendly alternative to DSTV, boasting similar picture and sound quality.

GOTV Decoders: Affordable Access to a World of Entertainment

One of the key advantages of GOTV is its affordability, exemplified by the cost of its decoders. In 2023, the average price range for GOTV decoders in Nigeria falls between ₦10,000 and ₦15,000. What sets GOTV apart is its inclusion of a decoder, a Gotenna antenna, and a complimentary one-month subscription in the package. A significant benefit over DSTV is that GOTV doesn’t require a satellite dish, eliminating installation fees and making it an accessible choice for many users. The decoders are compatible with any TV antenna, ensuring a hassle-free installation process to enhance signal strength.

GOTV Subscription Plans: Tailored Entertainment for Every Viewer

GOTV offers diverse subscription plans to cater to the varied preferences of its viewers. Let’s delve into the details of the subscription plans available in Nigeria:

  1. GOTV Smallie Package (₦1,100/month):
    • Over 35 local and foreign channels.
    • Includes TVC Entertainment, SuperSport Blitz, Liberty TV, and more.
  2. GOTV Jinja Package (₦2,250/month):
    • Designed with families in mind, offering 45+ channels.
    • Includes channels like Fashion One, Spice TV, SuperSport Select 1, and more.
  3. GOTV Jolli Package (₦3,300/month):
    • Ideal for sports enthusiasts, providing access to 65+ channels.
    • Includes Nat Geo Wild, SuperSport 9, MTV Base, and an array of other channels.
  4. GOTV Max Package (₦4,850/month):
    • Offering a premium experience with 75+ channels.
    • Includes Discovery Channel, FOX, CNN International, and more.
  5. GOTV Supa Package (₦6,400/month):
    • The pinnacle of entertainment with 80+ channels.
    • Includes ESPN, Super Sport Laliga, MNet Movies, and an extensive lineup.


GOTV stands as an affordable and flexible cable TV option in Nigeria, providing a rich assortment of channels and subscription plans to suit diverse tastes. Whether you opt for the budget-friendly Smallie Package or the comprehensive Supa Package, GOTV ensures a quality viewing experience without breaking the bank. Embrace the convenience, affordability, and variety that come with GOTV, and stay connected to the pulse of local and global entertainment.

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