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Are you looking for the best satellite cable TV provider in Nigeria? Look no further than DSTV, the leading provider of Direct-to-Home (DTH) pay-TV services in Africa. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the various DSTV subscription plans, commonly known as bouquets, and their corresponding prices in Nigeria for the year 2023.

Current Prices of DSTV Decoders in Nigeria:

DSTV, a South African company under Multichoice, takes pride in offering competitively priced bouquets. With a reputation for innovation, DSTV provides a diverse range of products, including HD PVR decoders, mobile streaming services (Showmax and DSTV Now), and an array of HD channels. Let’s explore the current prices of the different DSTV packages in Nigeria.

DSTV Subscription Packages and Prices in Nigeria 2023:

As of 2023, DSTV offers six distinct bouquets, each catering to different entertainment needs. The following is a list of the available DSTV bouquets and their associated monthly prices:

  1. DSTV Padi – ₦2,500 per month
  2. DSTV Yanga – ₦3,500 per month
  3. DSTV Confam – ₦6,200 per month
  4. DSTV Compact – ₦10,500 per month
  5. DSTV Compact Plus – ₦16,600 per month
  6. DSTV Premium – ₦24,500 per month

Let’s explore each DSTV package in detail:

DSTV Padi Package:

For ₦2,500 per month, DSTV Padi offers more than 30 channels, making it the most affordable plan. While lacking some SuperSport and MNET channels, it still provides a diverse range of entertainment, including Africa Magic, AIT, B4U Movies, and more.

DSTV Yanga Package:

Priced at ₦3,500 per month, DSTV Yanga offers over 87 channels, combining domestic and foreign networks. With channels like Africa Magic, Al Jazeera, BBC World, and SuperSport Blitz, subscribers enjoy a rich variety of content.

DSTV Confam Package:

Introduced in 2020, DSTV Confam at ₦6,200 per month offers over 108 TV channels and 11 audio channels. With options like BET, Cartoon Network, CNN, and SuperSport 8 HD, this bouquet caters to diverse tastes.

DSTV Compact Package:

For ₦10,500 per month, DSTV Compact provides a wealth of entertainment with over 146 video channels and 53 audio channels. Subscribers enjoy channels like Africa Magic Urban, BET, Discovery ID HD, and SuperSport Premier League HD.

DSTV Compact Plus Package:

Priced at ₦16,600 per month, DSTV Compact Plus combines sports channels with the offerings of DSTV Compact. With additional channels like Africa Magic Showcase, CBS Justice, Discovery Channel HD, and Lifetime Entertainment, sports enthusiasts get an extra edge.

DSTV Premium Package:

At ₦24,500 per month, DSTV Premium is the most comprehensive plan, offering over 160 television channels in high definition, 53 audio channels, and complimentary access to Showmax. It includes the latest foreign movies, reality shows, and news channels, providing an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Comprehensive List of DSTV Channels Available in Nigeria:

DSTV prides itself on offering a wide range of channels, including HD channels and high-definition digital TV signals. From sports to movies, music videos, documentaries, and news, DSTV caters to diverse interests. Here’s a glimpse of the channels available:


As the preferred satellite cable TV provider in Nigeria, DSTV continues to offer a diverse range of subscription plans to cater to varying entertainment needs. Stay tuned for unparalleled entertainment with DSTV, your gateway to a world of television excellence in 2023.

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