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Embarking on the construction of a storey building, particularly a duplex, requires meticulous planning, with one crucial aspect being the decking process. However, estimating the cost of decking in Nigeria poses a considerable challenge for builders and developers. In this blog post, we aim to shed light on the factors influencing the cost of decking, providing valuable insights for those planning their construction budgets.

Understanding Decking Costs

Subheading: “Navigating the Price Spectrum” Answering the question of how much decking costs is complex due to various factors. Recent reviews suggest a range of N750,000 to N1.5 million for decking a house under 100 square meters. This estimate hinges on location, workforce, and construction duration.

Factors Influencing Decking Costs

Subheading: “House Size Matters” The size of the house significantly impacts decking costs. Larger structures demand more materials and time, inevitably increasing the overall expense. Tailoring your budget to the specific size of the building is crucial for accurate cost estimation.

Types of Storey Structures

The type of storey building is often overlooked in budget considerations. High-rise or complex structures may require multiple layers of decking, translating to increased material and labor costs. Understanding the intricacies of your building type is vital for precise budgeting.

Material Prices Fluctuation

Building material prices, particularly for rods and cement, exhibit inconsistency. While the market has gained some stability, fluctuations still occur. Keeping an eye on material prices helps in crafting a realistic budget for the decking process.

Construction Period Dynamics

The timing of construction plays a pivotal role in cost fluctuations. Initiating construction during certain months, like March-April, may yield cost savings. Conversely, festive periods and year-end see increased demand, leading to heightened prices for materials and labor.

Location Matters

Location is a key determinant in the decking cost equation. Building in urban hubs like Lagos or Abuja incurs different expenses compared to less developed towns. Varied material prices and labor costs contribute to this location-based cost disparity.

Workforce Choices

Choosing between individual contractors and building management companies impacts overall decking costs. While individual contractors may offer cost savings, it sometimes comes at the expense of quality. Corporate bodies managing buildings may involve extra forms and costs, but they ensure a streamlined process.


accurately estimating the cost of decking in Nigeria requires a nuanced understanding of various factors. By considering house size, structure type, material prices, construction period, location, and workforce choices, homeowners and builders can navigate the complexities of budgeting. This comprehensive guide aims to empower individuals with the knowledge needed to plan and execute their storey building projects successfully.

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