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In this blog post, we will delve into the current landscape of solar inverters in Nigeria for 2023. As the demand for sustainable energy solutions rises, understanding the prices and types of solar inverters available becomes crucial for consumers. Join us as we explore the working principles of solar inverters, the various types on the market, and most importantly, the current prices in Nigeria.

Working Principle of Solar Inverters:

Solar inverters play a pivotal role in harnessing solar energy efficiently. They convert the direct current (DC) output from solar panels into alternating current (AC), which is suitable for powering household and workplace appliances. The process involves absorbing radiant energy from the sun through photovoltaic cells, ultimately generating electric current in the form of DC. This DC is then either stored in a solar battery or sent to the solar inverter, where it undergoes transformation into AC for everyday use.

Types of Solar Inverters:

  1. Battery Inverters: Ideal for systems incorporating batteries, these inverters convert battery power into 230V AC for use in homes or workplaces.
  2. Central Inverters: Designed for large-scale installations, central inverters are massive units suitable for commercial applications.
  3. Hybrid Inverters: Combining solar inverters, battery chargers, and battery inverters, hybrid inverters offer an all-in-one solution with intelligent software for optimal energy utilization.
  4. Microinverters: These inverters, attached to each solar panel, convert DC to AC directly at the panel, differing from conventional string inverters.
  5. String Inverters: Common in residential and commercial solar systems, string inverters connect to a series of solar panels, known as a solar array.

Cost of Solar Inverters in Nigeria:

Here are the current prices for various solar inverters in Nigeria:

  1. 2KVA BLUEGATE 24V Solar Inverter: ₦70,000 – ₦75,000
  2. Novel Solar 1KVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter: ₦75,000 – ₦80,000
  3. 200AH 12V GLT Solar Inverter: ₦80,000 – ₦85,000
  4. 2.4 KVA Solar Inverter 24V: ₦62,000 – ₦68,000
  5. 1400VA 1.4KVA Hybrid Solar Power Inverter UPS: ₦60,000 – ₦65,000
  6. 500 Watts Inverter +150 Watt Solar Panel + 40Ah 12V Battery: ₦99,000 – ₦105,000
  7. 1500VA 1.5KVA Hybrid Solar Power Inverter UPS Pure Sine: ₦80,000 – ₦85,000
  8. 5KVA Solar Power Inverter System: ₦2.8 million – ₦3 million
  9. Solar N Inverter Power Energy: ₦150,000 – ₦200,000
  10. 130W Solar Panel + 500W Inverter + 100Ah Battery + 30A Charge Controller: ₦118,000 – ₦125,000
  11. 800VA Solar Inverter With 40 Amp Mppt Charge Controller Inbuilt: ₦80,000 – ₦90,000
  12. 2KVA Solar Inverter With Batteries, Solar Panels, and Installation: ₦200,000 – ₦270,000
  13. Luminous 1.5KVA/24v Solar Hybrid Inverter: ₦102,000 – ₦105,000
  14. 300W Portable Solar Inverter Generator: ₦130,000 – ₦150,000
  15. 2.7KVA Inverter With Full Solar Energy System: ₦350,000 – ₦400,000
  16. 5KVA Inverter With Full Solar Energy System: ₦800,000 – ₦1 million
  17. 1000W Power Inverter +2 12V/100Ah Batteries + Solar Panels: ₦295,000 – ₦300,000
  18. 1000W Portable Solar Power Inverter +12V/100Ah Battery + Solar Panels: ₦160,000 – ₦200,000


As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, investing in solar inverters has become more accessible in Nigeria. With a diverse range of options available, consumers can choose the right inverter based on their energy needs and budget. Stay informed about the latest trends and prices to make the most informed decision for a greener and more energy-efficient future.

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