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In a world where constant power interruptions are the norm, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) have become essential for safeguarding electronic devices and ensuring uninterrupted work. In this guide, we’ll delve into the prices of popular UPS brands in Nigeria, including Blue Gate, Mercury, Vectronic, Binatone, and Maxtron. Whether you’re a business professional or a homeowner, understanding the factors influencing UPS prices is crucial in making an informed purchase.

 The Importance of UPS

UPS serves as a reliable power backup solution, automatically saving your files and shutting down your computer during power outages. It’s not limited to computers but extends to protecting other appliances like televisions. The article emphasizes the need to prevent automatic shutdowns, which can impact UPS lifespan negatively.

Prices of UPS in Nigeria

The blog provides a detailed breakdown of UPS prices for various brands:

Blue Gate UPS Prices

  • Bluegate UPS 2.KVA ₦39,000
  • Bluegate UPS 1.5KVA ₦31,000
  • UPS 653VA ₦12,000
  • Bluegate UPS 1.2KVA ₦28,000

Mercury UPS Prices

  • Mercury Elite 3000VA Pro- 3kva UPS ₦110,000
  • Mercury Elite 10000VA UPS ₦29,000
  • Elite 12000VA (1.2KA) PRO UPS ₦37,000
  • Mercury Elite 650VA UPS – Black ₦21,000

Vectronic UPS Prices

  • Vectronic 600VA Vectronic UPS ₦12,000
  • Vectronic 1KVA Vectronic UPS ₦88,000
  • 1KVA Vectronic Online UPS ₦145,000
  • Vectronic 1.5KVA Offline UPS ₦34,500

Binatone UPS Prices

  • Binatone UPS 1200 ₦30,418
  • Binatone UPS 1500 ₦32,000

Maxtron UPS Prices

  • Maxtron 2.5KVA Line Interactive UPS ₦44,990
  • Maxtron 2.2KVA Back up UPS ₦41,000
  • Maxtron 1.5KVA UPS ₦40,000
  • Maxtron 1.2KVA UPS ₦24,000

 Factors Affecting UPS Prices

The blog explains that UPS prices depend on power capacity and whether it’s an online or offline UPS. Power capacities between 600VA and 700VA are suitable for home use, with considerations for additional devices. Online UPS, while more expensive, offers automated signals during power failures, prolonging battery life. Location is also a factor influencing prices across Nigeria.

 Where to Buy UPS in Nigeria

Readers are directed to reputable electronic and retail stores nationwide, as well as popular e-commerce platforms like Konga and Jumia. The availability of various brands ensures consumers can make well-informed choices based on their needs.


Investing in a UPS is a wise decision for anyone seeking to protect their electronic devices from power disruptions. Understanding the factors influencing prices and the range of options available from top brands empowers consumers to make informed decisions. Whether you’re in Lagos, Abuja, or any other location in Nigeria, this comprehensive guide ensures you’re well-equipped to find the right UPS for your needs.

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