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In Nigeria, where reliable power sources can be a challenge, diesel generators play a crucial role in powering both residential and industrial areas. From providing backup power during outages to sustaining operations in large factories, churches, and businesses, diesel generators come in various sizes and brands. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of diesel generators in Nigeria, highlight popular brands, and provide essential tips for making an informed purchase.

Price Ranges of Diesel Generators in Nigeria:

Understanding the cost of diesel generators is essential, but it’s important to note that factors such as location, season, and the salesperson involved can affect prices. Here are some popular diesel generator models and their price ranges:

  1. Kipor Diesel Generators:

    • Kipor KDE7000T – 5.0KVA: N389,000 – N469,000
    • Kipor KDE23S3 – 19.5KVA: N2,620,000 – N2,882,000
  2. Sumec Firman Diesel Generators:
    • Sumec Firman SDG15FS – 15KVA: N1,850,000 – N1,900,000
    • Sumec Firman SDG 7000SE – 5KVA: N355,000 – N410,000
  3. Elemax Diesel Generators:

    • Elemax SHT25D – 20KVA: N3,350,000 – N3,685,000
    • Elemax SH15D – 14KVA: N2,950,000 – N3,245,000
  4. Lutian Diesel Generators:

    • Lutian 5GF-LDEX – 4.8KVA: N429,000 – N490,000
  5. Mikano Diesel Generators:

    • Mikano 20KVA Sound Proof: N1,600,000 – N1,850,000

Types of Diesel Generators:

Diesel generators are broadly categorized into open frame and closed frame types.

  • Closed Frame: Also known as the soundproof type, used in residential areas, churches, and companies.
  • Open Frame: Generally noisier but more affordable, suitable for industrial settings.

Advantages of Diesel Generators:

  1. Soundproof Option: Modern diesel generators often come with soundproof canopies, reducing noise during operation.
  2. Safety: Diesel is less flammable than fuel, making diesel generators safer and less prone to fire hazards.
  3. Spare Parts Availability: Popular brands usually have readily available spare parts in the market.
  4. Stability: Diesel generators tend to be more stable during long-term usage compared to petrol generators.

Disadvantages of Diesel Generators:

  1. Expensive Setup: Bulky and may require a dedicated storage building, making the initial setup costly.
  2. Difficult Starting Method: Diesel engines can be challenging to start, especially in cold weather.
  3. Air Pollution: Diesel generators produce more smoke, requiring careful placement to avoid health hazards.
  4. Noise: Open frame types can be loud and disturbing, necessitating soundproof options.

Key Considerations Before Buying:

  1. Purpose: Determine the required power rating based on whether it’s for residential or industrial use.
  2. Budget: Factor in both the upfront cost and long-term operating expenses.
  3. Spare Parts Availability: Choose a reputable brand to ensure easy access to spare parts.
  4. User Reviews: Check online reviews for insights into the generator model’s performance and authenticity of the seller.


When considering a diesel generator purchase in Nigeria, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons, align the generator’s capacity with your needs, and choose a reputable brand for reliability. By keeping these factors in mind, you can make an informed decision that ensures a stable and efficient power supply for your specific requirements.

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