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In the ever-evolving landscape of Nigeria’s automobile scene, Ford has solidified its presence as a trusted and enduring brand for over a century. Established in 1903, Ford stands as one of the oldest American automobile manufacturers, consistently adapting to the changing demands of consumers worldwide. While renowned for their robust vehicles, Ford has seamlessly incorporated smaller models into their lineup, a strategic move to meet the rising demand and compete with other sedan manufacturers.

A Brief History of Ford’s Impact in Nigeria

The introduction of Ford to Nigeria is shrouded in mystery, with speculation pointing to the influence of Nigerian migrants returning from the United States. It is believed that these returnees, bringing along their Ford vehicles, sparked the interest of fellow Nigerians. Today, Ford has gained popularity across the country, with dealerships, especially Briscoe, making these American cars accessible to enthusiasts.

Ford’s Dominance in the Nigerian SUV Market

Two standout models, the Ford Explorer and Ford Escape, have consistently dominated the SUV market in Nigeria, catering to the preferences of the elite. As the allure of American cars grows, the misconception of unavailability of parts in the Nigerian market is gradually fading away, with more consumers opting for Ford vehicles.

Ford Explorer and Ford Escape Prices in Nigeria

Brand New Ford Explorer Price:

  • Ford Explorer Limited 4.6 === From N30,000,000

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Ford Explorer Prices:

  • Ford Explorer Limited 2016 === From N20,000,000
  • Ford Explorer 4.0 === From N7,700,000
  • Ford Explorer Limited 2012 === From N11,000,000
  • Ford Explorer XLT Sport 4.6 === From N8,500,000
  • Ford Explorer Limited 4.0 4×4 2014 === From N8,800,000
  • Ford Explorer AWD Limited 4.0 2004 === From N3,000,000
  • Ford Explorer XLT 2018 === From N19,500,000
  • Ford Explorer 2004 === From N5,500,000

Locally Used Ford Explorer:

  • Ford Explorer Limited 4.0 4×4 2005 === From N2,500,000
  • Ford Explorer Limited 2016 === From N10,500,000
  • Ford Explorer Limited 2012 === From N5,500,000
  • Ford Explorer XLT Sport 4.6 === From N3,000,000
  • Ford Explorer AWD Eddie Bauer 4.0L 2012 === From N4,500,000
  • Ford Explorer 2004 === From N1,800,000
  • Ford Explorer XLT 2014 === From N7,000,000

Brand New Ford Escape Price:

  • Ford Escape 2017 === N14,500,000 – N19,000,000

Foreign Used (Tokunbo) Ford Escape Prices:

  • Ford Escape SE 2013 === N4,900,000 – N7,000,000
  • Ford Escape 3.0 2015 === N7,500,000 – N10,000,000
  • Ford Escape Limited 4WD 2009 === N2,400,000 – N4,000,000
  • Ford Escape 2012 === N3,200,000 – N7,500,000
  • Ford Escape Limited 4WD V6 2008 === N2,800,000 – N4,000,000
  • Ford Escape 2009 === N2,400,000 – N4,500,000
  • Ford Escape 2008 === N2,200,000 – N4,000,000

Locally Used Ford Escape:

  • Ford Escape 2002 === N400,000 – N1,000,000
  • Ford Escape XLT 2005 === N850,000 – N2,000,000
  • Ford Escape 2004 === N780,000 – N1,100,000
  • Ford Escape XLT 2.3 4WD 2008 === N1,000,000 – N1,800,000


Ford’s enduring legacy in Nigeria’s automotive market is evident in the popularity of models like the Explorer and Escape. The availability of both brand new and used options, along with a growing network of dealerships, cements Ford’s position as a formidable choice for Nigerian car enthusiasts. As the fascination with American cars continues to rise, Ford’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures a smooth ride for those navigating the diverse roads of Nigeria.

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