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Frozen poultry products have become a staple source of animal protein in Nigeria, catering to the diverse needs of households, restaurants, bars, and hotels. With not everyone having access to live chickens from farms, the popularity of frozen chicken has soared. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the current prices of frozen chicken cartons in Nigeria and debunk some common myths associated with frozen poultry.

Frozen Chicken Carton Prices in Nigeria:

Chicken, a widely consumed animal protein, comes in various frozen packages, such as orobo, chicken laps, wings, and boneless chicken. Purchasing in bulk is often recommended for those who can afford it. Here’s an overview of the prices for different frozen chicken offerings per carton in Nigeria (as of May 12, 2023):

  1. BROILER (Orobo) CHICKEN – Carton – 10 kilos: From ₦29,500
  2. Frozen Chicken Carton – 10 KG: From ₦28,000
  3. Carton Of Frozen Chicken – Cut 4 – 10kg: From ₦28,000
  4. Frozen Chicken Laps “Soft” – Carton (Local Market): From ₦28,000
  5. Chicken Wings – 10kg (Carton): From ₦28,000
  6. Frozen Chicken Laps “Normal” – Carton: From ₦30,000
  7. Boneless Chicken Carton – 10kg (Local Market): From ₦33,000
  8. Chicken – Lap Orobo (9-10kg Carton: From ₦29,000
  9. Frozen Chicken Laps “Soft” – Carton (Local Market): From ₦27,000

Where to Buy Frozen Chicken in Nigeria:

To purchase frozen chicken by the carton, you can visit:

  1. Cold rooms.
  2. Market stalls.

For online options, consider platforms like:

  1. Jiji
  2. Afrimash (for those in the South-West of Nigeria)

Keep in mind that online purchases may involve additional delivery costs.

Debunking Some Myths About Frozen Chicken:

Myth 1: Frozen chicken isn’t as healthy Scientifically, there’s no nutritional difference between frozen and fresh chicken. This myth is akin to the misconception about frozen vegetables.

Myth 2: Frozen chicken goes through more processing Fresh and frozen chicken undergo similar processes with no antibiotics. The only distinction is that one is frozen in cartons.

Myth 3: You need to defrost frozen chicken before cooking Contrary to popular belief, frozen chicken can be cooked directly without thawing. Options include grilling in the oven, roasting on the stove, or boiling in a pot with water.


frozen chicken in Nigeria is not only accessible but also a healthy and convenient option. By debunking these myths, we hope to encourage informed choices when it comes to purchasing and preparing frozen chicken. Stay tuned for updates on market prices and enjoy the convenience of frozen poultry in your meals!

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