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In Nigeria, power supply challenges persist, with many areas experiencing less than ten hours of electricity per day, and some going without public power supply for an entire week. In response to this, generators have become a common sight in Nigerian homes, offices, and businesses, serving as crucial alternatives for a reliable power source. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the diverse range of medium generators available in Nigeria, their respective brands, and current market prices to help you make an informed decision.

Understanding Medium Generators:

Medium generators, ranging from 2.0 KVA to 7.0 KVA, are ideal for powering basic appliances in small apartments and businesses. These generators can efficiently handle loads such as TVs, fans, computers, small kitchen appliances, bedside refrigerators, and light bulbs.

Honda Generators and Prices:

  1. Honda 5.5kva Eg6500cxs Key-starting Generator + Battery: ₦1,537,900
  2. Honda Generator EM10000 9KVA Key-Start: ₦2,875,000
  3. Honda Wl20xh 2-inch Manual Water Pump: ₦239,600
  4. Honda Fa3000p Hmn-2.5kva Manual Generator: ₦499,700
  5. Honda 2.5 KVA Manual Generator: ₦478,500
  6. Honda 5.5 KVA Manual Generator: ₦790,500

Thermocool Generators and Prices:

  1. Haier Thermocool 2.0kw/2.5KvA TEC (Max Rated) Bobo Recoil Generator Set (BF15): ₦122,700
  2. Haier Thermocool 2.5KVA Generator (BOBO 2800ES): ₦248,000
  3. Haier Thermocool MED HUSTLER 4800ES-4.1KVA/3.3KW: ₦327,600
  4. Haier Thermocool TEC ULTIMATE GENERATOR – 10KVA: ₦879,600

Sumec Firman Generators and Prices:

  1. Sumec Firman 2.0kva Manual Generator – SPG2500: ₦177,000
  2. Sumec Firman 3.5kva Key start Generator – SPG3800E2: ₦385,000
  3. Sumec Firman 7.0kva Key start Generator – SPG10800E2: ₦499,000

Hyundai Generators and Prices:

  1. Hyundai Diesel generator 4.5 KVA: ₦236,000
  2. Hyundai Diesel Generator 7.5 KVA: ₦650,000
  3. Hyundai generators 2.2 KVA generator: ₦95,500 – ₦102,000

Yamaha Generators and Prices:

  1. Yamaha Generator Japan Made: ₦165,000
  2. Yamaha Generator EF7200E: ₦1,150,000

Tiger Generators and Prices:

  1. Tiger TG2700 2 KVA generator: ₦130,000
  2. Tiger TG3700 2.5 KVA generator: ₦155,000

Elepaq Generators and Prices:

  1. Elepaq Constant Yaofeng Manual Generator: ₦190,000
  2. Elepaq GP Elepaq 2.2KVA Coil Manual Start Generator – SV6800: ₦120,000
  3. Elepaq 4.5KVA Key Starter Gasoline Generator SV7800E2: ₦180,000

Elemax Generators and Prices:

  1. ELEMAX GENERATORS SH7600EX: ₦1,017,000
  2. Elemax 4.8kva Sh 5300 Ex With 4 Wheels – Manual Starter: ₦889,600

Lutian Generators and Prices:

  1. Lutian 5.5KVA GENERATOR KEY STARTER: ₦230,800
  2. Lutian Super Silent Generator 10.5kva: ₦600,000

Senci Generators and Prices:

  1. Senci 8.1kva Rugged Generator, Remote Control: ₦490,000
  2. Senci GENERATOR 15KVA: ₦650,000

Maxi Generators and Prices:

  1. Maxi 5 KW / 6.25 KVA Key-Start Generator EK50: ₦332,900
  2. Maxi 10KVA Elegant Key Starter Generator EK80: ₦450,000


Whether you are a homeowner, small business owner, or corporate entity, choosing the right medium generator is essential for ensuring a reliable power supply. With this detailed guide on various brands and their respective prices, you can make an informed decision based on your power needs and budget. Say goodbye to power outages and embrace the convenience of a medium generator in Nigeria.

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