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Are you a fan of spaghetti in Nigeria, particularly the popular Golden Penny brand? If so, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll explore the prices of Golden Penny Spaghetti in Nigeria, where to buy it, and the health benefits of incorporating this beloved pasta into your diet.

Golden Penny Spaghetti Prices in Nigeria:

Golden Penny stands out as the leading spaghetti brand in Nigeria, offering various sizes to cater to different preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the current prices for Golden Penny Spaghetti:

  1. Golden Penny Macaroni 200g Twist; 1 Carton (20 Pieces): From ₦10,200
  2. Golden Penny 24 Pack Of Spaghetti: From ₦12,480
  3. Golden Penny Macaroni Twist- 500g X 10: From ₦5,100
  4. Golden Penny Pasta Macaroni – 500g × 5 Pcs: From ₦2,600
  5. Golden Penny Pasta Spaghetti – 500g X 3pcs: From ₦1,560
  6. Golden Penny Pasta Spaghetti 500g – 5 Packs: From ₦2,600
  7. Golden Penny Spaghetti – 500g (Pack Of 10) Half Carton: From ₦5,300
  8. Golden Penny Spaghetti – 500g (Pack Of 20) 1 Carton: From ₦10,400
  9. Golden Penny Spaghetti – 500g: From ₦520
  10. Golden Penny Twist Macaroni X20: From ₦10,200

Where to Buy Golden Penny Spaghetti in Nigeria:

Finding Golden Penny Spaghetti in Nigeria is a breeze, thanks to its popularity. You can purchase it in person from:

  • Roadside shops
  • Local markets
  • Supermarkets
  • Departmental stores
  • Distributors (for retailers)

Alternatively, you can conveniently order online from leading marketplaces like:

  • Jumia.com
  • Konga.com
  • Olist.com
  • Yaoota.com
  • Jiji.ng

Keep in mind that online purchases may incur additional delivery charges.

Health Benefits of Eating Spaghetti:

Spaghetti, a staple in many Nigerian households, offers more than just a delightful meal. Here are some health benefits of consuming spaghetti:

  1. Cholesterol-Free: Ideal for individuals monitoring their cholesterol levels.
  2. Low Sodium: Spaghetti contains low sodium levels, promoting heart health.
  3. Healthy Carbohydrates: A great source of sustained energy with healthy carbohydrate levels.
  4. Folic Acid Enrichment: Essential for women of childbearing age, supporting overall health.
  5. Balanced Diet: Combine spaghetti with vegetables and lean protein for a well-rounded, nutritious meal.


Golden Penny Spaghetti not only satisfies your taste buds but also provides health benefits that make it a smart choice for your diet. Whether you prefer buying in person or online, Golden Penny Spaghetti is readily available to enhance your culinary experience. Keep an eye on market prices and enjoy this beloved pasta in various sizes tailored to your preferences.

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