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In an era where computer systems play a pivotal role in our daily lives, the convenience of all-in-one desktop computers has become an attractive choice for many. While they may come with a higher price tag compared to traditional desktops or laptops, the seamless operation and enhanced convenience they offer make them a worthwhile investment.

As the market is flooded with various types and brands of all-in-one desktops, understanding the prices of popular models in Nigeria is crucial. In this post, we’ll explore the common options available and their respective price ranges.

HP All-in-one Desktop Computers & Prices:

  1. HP 200 G4 ALL-IN-ONE INTEL PENTIUM DUAL CORE – Starting from N332,000
  2. HP ALL-IN-ONE 22-DD2270NH PC- 12TH GEN – Starting from N465,000
  3. HP 200 G4 All-In-One 22″ Fhd/ Core I5-10210u – Starting from N485,000
  4. Hp 200 G4 22 All-in-One Desktop Intel Pentium – Starting from N327,980
  5. HP 200 G3 Non-touch All-in-one Desktop – Starting from N327,980
  6. Hp 200 G4 22 ALL IN ONE PC – Starting from N393,100
  7. Hp AIO 200 G4 Intel Core I3 – Starting from N329,300
  8. Hp 200 G4 22 All-In-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – Starting from N340,000
  9. Hp AIO INTEL CORE I3 – Starting from N487,000
  10. Hp ProOne 400 G2 AlO I3 – Starting from N320,000
  11. Hp ENVY 31.5″ 4K All-In-One Core I7 – Starting from N3,000,000
  12. Hp 200 G4 All In One 10th Gen – Starting from N484,000
  13. Hp EliteOne 800 G8 24 All-in-One PC – Starting from N1,210,000
  14. Hp 22-DF0013 ALL-IN-ONE Celeron® G5905T – Starting from N350,000
  15. Hp 200 G4 ALL IN ONE DESKTOP 21.5″ Intel® Core™ I5 – Starting from N493,910
  16. Hp Compaq 6000 Pro Core2 Aio Business Computer – Starting from N260,000
  17. Hp ProOne 400 G2 AlO I3 – Starting from N380,000

Lenovo All-in-one Desktop Computers & Prices:

  1. Lenovo ThinkCentre Neo-22″ – AIO – Starting from N210,000
  2. Lenovo V130-20IGM All-In-One Pentium – Starting from N249,590
  3. Lenovo V30a-22 AIO- 10th Gen Core I3 – Starting from N440,900
  4. Lenovo V50a AIO (24″) – 4GB/1TB SSD – Corei7 – Starting from N530,000
  5. Lenovo V50a AIO (24″) – 4GB/1TB SSD – Corei3 – Starting from N315,000
  6. Lenovo V130 Intel Celeron – Starting from N248,000
  7. Lenovo FLEX 5 X360 Core™ I3 – Starting from N310,000
  8. Lenovo V30A 24 ALL IN ONE – CORE-I3-1005G1 – Starting from N445,200
  9. Lenovo S200z All-in-One Intel Pentium Dual Core – Starting from N275,900
  10. Lenovo All-in-One Intel Celeron System – Starting from N363,000

Acer All-in-one Desktops:

  1. Acer Veriton Z All-in-one Intel Core I5 Desktop – Starting from N365,000
  2. Acer ASPIRE C27-962-UA91 – Starting from N650,000

Dell All-in-one Desktop Computers & Prices:

  1. Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-one Intel Core I5 Desktop 6980SAP – Starting from N400,000
  2. Dell Inspiron 24-3477 All-in-one Intel Core I3 Desktop 7583SAP – Starting from N350,000
  3. DELL INSPIRON 5400 AIO INTEL CORE I5 11TH GEN – Starting from N948,000
  4. DELL INSPIRON 7700 ALL-IN-ONE 11TH GEN – Starting from N1,349,000
  5. DELL Inspiron 27 I7 All-in-One – Starting from N1,250,000
  6. DELL OptiPlex 9030 COREi5 – Starting from N400,000

Other Brands:

  1. Teclast 22 Air All-in-one AIO Desktop Computer – Starting from N200,000
  2. Onebot L2416 23.8 inches All-in-one Computer Desktop Dual Core G45 – Starting from N351,000

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of popular all-in-one desktops and their prices in Nigeria. Whether you’re a professional seeking high performance or a budget-conscious consumer, there’s a wide range of options to suit your needs. Upgrade your computing experience with these top-notch devices tailored for convenience and efficiency.

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