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In the ever-evolving landscape of home entertainment, curved TVs made quite a splash with promises of a revolutionary viewing experience. Despite the initial hype and the subsequent decline in popularity, Hisense, a renowned electronics brand, continues to offer a range of 55-inch curved smart TVs in Nigeria. This blog post not only delves into the prices of these TVs but also explores the concept of curved TVs and their perceived benefits.

Hisense 55-Inch Curved Smart TV Prices in Nigeria:

Curved TVs may not be as ubiquitous as before, but Hisense still stands as a reliable provider in this niche. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to explore the market and compare prices with other brands.

  1. Hisense 55 Inches Smart Curved 4K TV + 1 year warranty: From ₦400,000
  2. Hisense 55” curved 4K UHD with USB, HDMI, Smart TV, and Satellites Receiver: From ₦280,000
  3. Hisense UHD 55″ 4K Curved TV Smart TV Model 55m5600ucw: From ₦269,000
  4. Hisense Led TV Smart Curved 55″ UHD 4K Purecolour HDR Cinema Sound High Contrast: From ₦288,000
  5. Hisense 49-inch Smart Curved TV UHD 4k: From ₦240,000
  6. Hisense 55” curved Smart UHD 4K TV with Netflix and Youtube APP: From ₦340,000
  7. Hisense TV – 55″ A7600 Smart Curved TV: From ₦300,000
  8. Hisense 55″ Curved- Smart 4K UHD TV With Netflix: From ₦370,000
  9. Hisense UHD Smart Curved LED TV 55-inch Series 7 Ultra Slim: From ₦290,000
  10. Hisense LED Curved Class 55-inch Life 4K Smart Television: From ₦260,000

Please note that prices may vary based on location and the vendor.

Understanding Curved TVs:

A curved TV is precisely what the name suggests—a television with a curved screen, a departure from the traditional flat screens. Despite the initial fanfare surrounding their release in 2013, many brands have ceased production due to various challenges, leading to a decline in popularity.

Benefits of Curved TVs:

  1. Immersive Experience:
    • Curved TVs are designed to follow the natural curve of the human eye, providing an immersive experience akin to a theater setting. Optimal enjoyment, however, requires sitting directly opposite the display’s focal point.
  2. Comfortable Viewing:
    • Designed to mimic the 3D world that our eyes are naturally attuned to, curved TVs offer a more comfortable viewing experience, particularly during extended periods of TV watching.
  3. Better Contrast:
    • Unlike flat TVs that distribute light evenly across the screen, curved TVs concentrate light on specific areas. This feature may not be immediately apparent, but it contributes to a more vibrant and visually appealing display.


While curved TVs may have lost some of their initial luster, Hisense continues to provide consumers with options for those seeking a unique viewing experience. Before making a purchase, consider your preferences, location, and the latest market prices for the Hisense 55-inch Curved Smart TV in Nigeria. Stay tuned for updates as we track market fluctuations to ensure you make an informed decision.

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