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Are you a poultry farmer in Nigeria seeking the best feed for your birds’ optimal development? Look no further than Top Feeds, a top-tier feed brand produced by Premiere Feed Mills Co. Ltd, a subsidiary of Flour Mills Nigeria PLC. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the prices of various Top Feeds products and offer essential insights to help you make informed decisions for your poultry farm.

Top Feeds Product Categories:

Top Feeds offers a diverse range of products tailored to different poultry needs. These include:

  1. Grower mash
  2. Chick mash
  3. Broiler starter
  4. Broiler super starter
  5. Broiler finisher
  6. Layer mash
  7. Pre-layer mash
  8. Layer phase 2
  9. Concentrate

Top Feeds Price List :

  1. TopFeeds Grower Mash – 25kg: From N6,800
  2. Topfeed for Layers (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From N6,950
  3. Topfeeds Layer Mash – 25kg: From N7,200
  4. Top Feed | Chick Mash | 25kg Bag: From N7,450
  5. TopFeed Broiler Finisher Feed (Mash | Pellets) – 25kg Bag: From N8,150
  6. TopFeeds Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks (Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From N8,150
  7. Layer Concentrate (TopFeeds Brand | Grower | Layer) – 25kg Bag: From N8,175
  8. Super Starter for Broiler Chicks (TopFeeds Brand | Mash | Crumbles) – 25kg Bag: From N8,200
  9. Top Feeds Broiler Finisher (Mash | 25kg): From N8,300

Choosing the Best Feed for Your Birds:

To determine the ideal feed for your birds, consider the following:

  1. Purpose of Raising Birds:
    • Layers
    • Broilers
    • Ornamental chickens
  2. Birds’ Age:
    • Adjust protein, vitamin, and fat content based on age.
    • Top Feeds Starter and Grower for growing chicks.
  3. Feed Quality:
    • Opt for quality feeds to avoid adverse effects on birds and business.
    • Formulate your feed or choose a trusted brand like Top Feeds.

Where to Buy Top Feeds in Nigeria:

Top Feeds is readily available in every state in Nigeria. Locate one of their distributors in your area or contact Top Feeds directly for inquiries:


Top Feeds stands out as a reliable choice for poultry feed in Nigeria. Whether you’re raising layers or broilers, understanding your birds’ needs and selecting the right feed category is crucial for their growth and overall health. Stay updated on prices and make informed choices to ensure the success of your poultry farming venture.

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