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Belly fat can be a stubborn challenge for many Nigerian women, despite rigorous exercise routines and various attempts to achieve a slim waistline. In the quest for an effective solution, waist trainers have emerged as a popular choice, with GetFit Technologies Limited leading the charge. If you’re curious about the cost and effectiveness of GetFit waist trainers in Nigeria, this post provides valuable insights.

GetFit Waist Trainer Prices in Nigeria:

GetFit Technologies specializes in producing waist trainers and products designed to combat belly fat. While the prices may vary, we’ve compiled a list of popular GetFit waist trainers and their estimated costs:

  1. Improved Ruby 3.0: From N22,500
  2. Dual Detachable Belly Eraser: From N24,500
  3. Body Shaper: From N25,000
  4. Apple Cider Gummies: From N15,200
  5. Drip Sweat (3 Straps): From N34,000
  6. GetFit Improved Waist Trimmer 3.0: From N15,500
  7. Improved Slim waist Band 3.0: From N23,200
  8. Instant Liposuction Wrap: From N19,000
  9. GetFit Arm Trimmer: From N12,500
  10. Sweat Stick: From N11,000
  11. Sauna Belly Wrap: From N5,000
  12. GFIT 3 Smart Watch: From N23,000
  13. GFIT 1 Fitness Watch: From N18,000
  14. Belly Fat Breaker: From N6,000
  15. Booty Band Heavy: From N6,500
  16. Booty Band Light: From N5,500

Tips for Optimal Results with GetFit Waist Trainers:

  1. Consistent Wear:

    • Wear your waist trainer for a minimum of 7 hours daily if you don’t exercise.
    • If you exercise, wear it for at least 2 hours.
    • Consistency is key for effective results.
  2. Incorporate into Daily Routine:

    • Make the waist trainer a daily essential, wearing it during activities like running errands, cooking, cleaning, or working out.
    • Embrace it as a daily tradition to maximize its effectiveness.
  3. Hydration is Crucial:

    • Drink water frequently to boost your body’s metabolism.
    • Water helps detoxify your body, clear your skin, and maintain kidney health.
  4. Portion Control:

    • Eat smaller, well-portioned meals to complement the waist trainer.
    • Avoid late-night eating and use smaller plates to control portions.
  5. Say No to Processed Foods:

    • Cut down on processed foods, junk food, and sugary items.
    • Avoid carbonated drinks and excessive alcohol consumption for better results.


GetFit waist trainers can be a game-changer in your journey to shed stubborn belly fat. However, it’s important to remember that the process requires commitment, consistency, and attention to overall lifestyle choices. By incorporating these tips and making GetFit waist trainers a part of your routine, you’re on the path to achieving the slimmer waistline you desire. Keep in mind that prices may change, so stay tuned for updates on this effective solution to belly fat reduction.

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