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Investing in a generator to meet your power supply needs is just the beginning of a journey that demands proper maintenance to ensure efficient and prolonged performance. Neglecting the maintenance of your generator can lead to deterioration, inefficient power supply, and eventual breakdown. One crucial aspect of generator maintenance is periodic overhauls, specifically replacing half of the engine. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the costs, significance, and the step-by-step process of generator half engine repair in Nigeria.

Half Engine Generator Prices in Nigeria:

When considering a half engine replacement, it’s essential to weigh the cost against the purchase of a new generator. We’ve surveyed the market to provide you with the latest prices for different generator half engines:

  1. Firman 3 KVA and Thermocool 3 x 5 KVA half engine: From ₦120,000
  2. Thermocool generator 8 KVA half engine: From ₦175,000
  3. Kemage Auto Generator 9 x 5 KVA with Remote half engine: From ₦350,000
  4. Sumec Firman Gx-390 Half engine: From ₦180,000
  5. Sumec Firman Sfe200e Half Engine: From ₦150,000
  6. Sumec Firman Half Engine SFE-160: From ₦80,000
  7. Sumec firman half engine SFE-200: From ₦100,000
  8. Sumec Firman Half Engine SFE-270E: From ₦170,000
  9. Half Engine- Sumec Firman Half Engine – SFE440e: From ₦250,000
  10. Half Engine- Sumec Firman Half Engine-SFE460: From ₦290,000
  11. Original Lutian Half Engine 3901⁄2, 13hp Copper: From ₦150,000
  12. GX 390 half Engine Generator: From ₦100,000
  13. Half Engine Generators Gx440 With Key Start: From ₦140,000
  14. Tigmax SFE200 Half Engine: From ₦90,000

It’s recommended to purchase from trusted generator spare part dealers or reputable online stores such as Olist, Konga, and Jiji. Consult your generator mechanic for guidance, considering the fluctuating prices influenced by factors like inflation and government policies.

Explaining Generator Half Engine Repair:

Understanding the significance of generator half engine repair is crucial when your mechanic recommends it. This process involves comprehensive engine rebuilding, including the replacement of piston rings, bearings, engine block, connecting rod, crankshaft, oil seals, and gasket. Below is a breakdown of the process into modules for better comprehension:

Module 1 – Disassembly: The mechanic removes the generator engine in sequential steps, draining and cleaning the oil thoroughly.

Module 2 – Cleaning and Refinishing: Different engine parts are carefully cleaned, grouped, and chrome-plated. Irreparably damaged parts are removed during this stage.

Module 3 – Inspection and Preparation: The mechanic diagnoses possible problems, checking for bad parts, cracks, and leakages. After inspection, parts are cleaned again in preparation for reassembly.

Module 4 – Reassembly: The longest stage where the mechanic fits the different parts carefully, ensuring nothing is left out. Reassembly follows the reverse sequential order of disassembly.

Module 5 – Testing: The generator, now reassembled with the new half engine, undergoes testing to ensure optimal functionality.


Maintaining your generator through processes like half engine repair is vital for its longevity and efficiency. Always consult with your trusted generator mechanic, weigh the costs, and make informed decisions to keep your power supply uninterrupted. Stay tuned for updates on market prices, ensuring you are equipped with the latest information for your generator maintenance needs.

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