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Maintaining optimal blood pressure levels is crucial for overall health, and the convenience of monitoring at home cannot be overstated. Omron, a leading brand in the field, offers a range of clinically tested and reliable blood pressure machines. In this guide, we’ll explore the various Omron models available in Nigeria, their prices, and essential considerations when purchasing one.

Omron Blood Pressure Machine Prices in Nigeria:

Omron provides a diverse selection of blood pressure monitors, catering to different preferences and needs. Below, we’ve compiled a list of popular Omron models along with their current market prices in Nigeria:

  1. Omron STANDARD M2 ECO Blood Pressure MONITOR – N15,000 – N20,000
  2. Omron M6 Comfort Automatic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor Intellisense – N42,000 – N50,000
  3. Omron M3 Blood Pressure Monitor Intellisense – N30,000 – N40,000
  4. Omron AUTOMATIC BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR HEM 7322 – N30,000 – N37,000
  5. Omron 10 Series Wireless Bluetooth UpperArm Blood Pressure Monitor –N38,000 – N48,000
  6. Omron HEM-7600T Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor SmartElite – N30,000 – N40,000
  7. Omron Healthcare Omron M2 Basic Digital Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – N18,000 – N27,000
  8. Omron M7 Intelli IT Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – N44,000 – N52,000
  9. Omron RS2 Intellisense Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor – N23,000 – N30,000
  10. Omron 5 Series Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – N24,000 – N30,000
  11. Omron Hem7280T Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor – N35,000 – N45,000

Availability and Purchase:

Omron Blood Pressure machines are widely available in Nigeria. They can be purchased from reputable pharmacies, medical equipment stores, or through various e-commerce channels. Online orders may take 3 to 30 days for delivery, depending on the chosen platform. International orders might have extended delivery times.

Factors to Consider Before Buying:

When selecting a blood pressure machine, consider the following factors:

  1. Cuff Size: Ensure you choose the right cuff size for accurate readings. Measure your bare arm and select a machine with a cuff that fits snugly.
  2. Type of Machine: Consult with your healthcare professional to determine whether you need an electric, battery-powered, manual, semi-automated, or fully automated machine.
  3. Extra Features: Some machines come with additional features like adjustable inflation levels and memory storage. Consider these features based on your preferences and needs.


Omron Blood Pressure machines offer a reliable means of monitoring blood pressure at home. With various models to choose from, it’s essential to consider your specific requirements before making a purchase. Stay informed about the latest prices and advancements in technology for a more accurate and convenient blood pressure monitoring experience.

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