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In the face of persistent power challenges in Nigeria, generators have become a lifeline for businesses, homes, and worship centers. The need for alternative power solutions has fueled the demand for generators, with the 30 KVA generator emerging as a reliable choice for those with higher power requirements. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the cost, specifications, and maintenance tips for 30 KVA generators in Nigeria.

Cost of 30 KVA Generators in Nigeria:

The fluctuating power supply has led to a booming generator market in Nigeria, offering a diverse range of options. Here’s a glimpse of popular 30 KVA generators:

  1. Mikano Power Generator [1103-33G] 30 KVA: From ₦5 million
  2. Perkins 30 KVA Soundproof Generator: From ₦3.3 million
  3. FG Wilson 30 KVA P33 (Soundproof) Generator: From ₦7 million
  4. FG Wilson 30 KVA P33 3 Phase Open Generator: From ₦6.2 million

Specifications of 30 KVA Generators:

Understanding the specifications is crucial when investing in a generator. Here’s a breakdown of the specifications for two prominent 30 KVA generators:

  1. Mikano Power Generator [1103-33G] 30 KVA:

    • Number of cylinders: 3
    • Cycle: Four-stroke
    • Compression ratio: 19.25:1
    • Cubic capacity: 3.3 liters
    • Overall dimensions: Height – 951 mm, Length – 1029 mm, Width – 629 mm
    • Weight: Dry – 412 kg, Wet – 430 kg
    • Sound pressure level at 1500 rev/min: 88.1dBA, at 1800 rev/min: 90.7dBA
  2. FG Wilson 30 KVA P33 (Soundproof) Generator:

    • Minimum Rating: 30 kVA /24 kW, Maximum Rating: 33 kVA /26.4 kW
    • Emissions/Fuel Strategy: EU Stage IIIA emissions compliant
    • Frequency: 50 Hz, Speed: 1500 RPM
    • Voltage: 220-415 Volts
    • Engine Model: Perkins® 1103D-33G3, Displacement: 3.3l
    • Compression Ratio: 19.25:1

Maintenance Tips for 30 KVA Generators:

Proper maintenance is essential for the longevity and efficiency of your generator. Here are some tips to keep your 30 KVA generator in top condition:

  1. Run the generator for a few minutes daily to ensure optimal functioning.
  2. Check fluids (coolant, fuel, and engine oil) before each operation.
  3. Change the engine oil regularly for smooth performance.
  4. Schedule periodic professional checks and address any issues promptly.


As Nigeria grapples with power supply challenges, investing in a reliable 30 KVA generator can be a game-changer for businesses and households. By understanding the costs, specifications, and maintenance requirements, you can make an informed decision to ensure a steady power supply in the face of erratic electricity access.

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