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Getting the price of building materials for engineers and quantity surveyors without leaving the site has not been
quite easy.
We believe it is one step after the other, since we have written about the prices of cement in Nigeria in our last
post, and we have shifted focus to the white cement price in Nigeria. If this is exactly what you are searching
for, stay glued till the end.

What is white cement?

White cement, commonly known as Plaster of Paris (POP) cement, performs special functions in the
construction and decoration of buildings.
White cement is a specific type of cement that has a very light color. It is made by adding white limestone and
other ingredients to the traditional cement mix.
This makes the cement less likely to show dirt and stains and is a popular choice for construction projects that
require a clean and bright appearance.

Current Price of White Cement in Nigeria

POP or white cement is used to create appealing and elegant decorations on buildings adds to the cost of the
The price of white cement in Nigeria is currently at an all-time high. This is due to the devaluation of the naira,
and the high cost of importing cement from other countries.
The price of white cement has increased by 66.7% in the past year. This increase has caused a rise in the cost
of construction projects, as white cement is a key ingredient in most construction projects.
White cement is more expensive in Nigeria than standard Portland cement because the two are used for
different purposes.
The cost of production, the quality of the product, and the location of the company all determine the cost of this
Here is the current price of white cement in Nigeria (1kg, 5kg, 25kg, 40kg)
Jk white Portland cement (1 kg) costs between ₦400 to ₦900.
Jk white Portland cement (5 kg) costs between ₦1,500 to ₦2,500
Jk caramel white Portland cement (25 kg) costs between ₦7,500 to ₦10,500
Jk perfect white Portland cement (40 kg) costs between ₦12,000 to ₦19,000
POP cement (40 kg) price is between the range of ₦5,500 to ₦8,500

We are making efforts to provide you with the most accurate price available from these various brands, if you
notice any discrepancy, please contact us or leave a comment below with the current price.

White Cement vs Gray Cement

The quantity of Iron Oxide and Manganese Oxide present in gray cement is reduced when manufacturing the
white cement to achieve a pure white colored and fine powder.
Apart from the aesthetic function of the white cement, it also makes it easier for designers to mix any other
colour to achieve a specific design. This is not possible with ordinary Portland cement as the gray won’t give
room for other colours.
White cement set fast than the gray cement. it is cant also be used for serious concrete construction operations
as it seems weaker than ordinary Portland cement.
The process of producing white cement consumes more energy and resources when compared to gray cement.
It is one of the reasons white cement price is 4x higher than gray cement in Nigeria.

What are the uses of White Cement?

White cement is a type of cement that is used for making concrete. It is made by grinding white limestone and
other materials into a fine powder. White cement is used in many construction projects because it gives
concrete a bright, white appearance. Some of its uses are listed below:
White cement is used for both interior and exterior decorations
It is used by artists during sculpture designs
It is used for colour designs when mixed with other colors
it is used for filling in tilling
It is used for screeding by masonry
It can be used to replace white paint during road construction
White cents are used for prestigious constructions
Making concrete countertops and other decorative surfaces
Used for Crafting faux marble or stone finishes


A number of factors influence the price of white cement in Nigeria. The cost of production, the availability of raw
materials, and the demand for cement are all factors to consider. Also, the cost of transportation affects the
price of cement, which varies from one region to the next.

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