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Value paint is one of the fast-growing with an applaudable market share in the paint industry Today.

Their ability to blend quality materials in giving a product of high value while putting into consideration the economic situation of the country is of those reasons being a good option to stick to.

Their products are of different types with each having its uniqueness just to serve the needs of all prospective clients. Prices of Dulux paints is another thing you might want to know just to compare before reaching a final decision.

Want quality yet affordable paint products? Then read through as we bring you the Value paint price in Nigeria

Current Prices of Value Paints in Nigeria

Value Paints prices in Nigeria have been on the rise lately. Find out how much they cost today!

The following are various types with prices

Paint Price
Value paints plus emulsion (premium) ₦22,000
Value paints plus textured finish (premium) ₦28,000
Value paints Matt Emulsion (premium) ₦38,000
Value paints satin emulsion (standard) ₦38,000
Value paints satin emulsion (premium) ₦41,000
Value paints Matt emulsion (standard) ₦30,000
Value paints gloss finish (standard) ₦7,500
Value paints textured finish (standard) ₦12,000
Value paints gloss finish (premium) ₦9,500
Value plus Matt finish ₦22,000

Note- The above-listed prices aren’t fixed and are subject to changes.

You may also want to know the differences among the various paints listed above

Types of Value Paints Products and their Unique Properties

Value Paints Flex

A high-quality textured paint with the ability to resist weather conditions and is very good for keeping all walls imperfections hidden. It has a spreading rate of 1.2-1.4 square meters per litre.

Value Paints Gloss

With a highly viscous built texture and moisture resistance property, it is perfect for covering walls imperfections and is produced specifically for patterning using a pattern roller. It is durable and can impact both shiny or dull finish with a spreading rate of 1.2-1.4 square meters per litre.

Buffalo Paints Emulsion

A high alkali resistance and highest quality emulsion paint. A good option for interior and exterior decorations with a spreading rate of 8.5 – 10.5 square metres per litre. It can also resist mild algae and fungi attacks with 3 years guaranteed

Buffalo Satin Emulsion

A premium quality paint that gives a glossy finish with one coat application. High resistance level to fungi and algae growth and 5years company guarantee. Its spreading rate is 14.5 – 16.5 square metres per litre.

Buffalo Paint Textured

A high quality and high build textured paint with good resistance to both algae and fungi growth. Ability to cover wall imperfections with a 5years company guarantee. It has a spread rate of 1.8 – 2.1 square metres per Litre.

Other Value paints products include

  • Value plus satin emulsion
  • Value paints plus textured
  • Value paints plus emulsion
  • Value auto paints
  • Value wood finishes
  • Value plus industrial paint
  • Value plus marine paint
  • Value plus marble trowel
  • Value plus floor paints
  • Valuex platinum
  • Buffalo paints Matt emulsion
  • Buffalo wood finish
  • Buffalo industrial paints
  • Buffalo Auto finish

Wrap up

Having a beautiful home is what we all love, paints are one of those products that contribute to the beauty of a home

Value paints are one of the cheapest ways to decorate your home. They are also very easy to use and apply.

Asides from its beautifying attributes, it helps to preserve the interior and exterior surfaces through its protective coating agents.

So when you think of giving your home that new beautiful look without having to worry about your pocket level or doubt in quality, Then think Value Paints Products.

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