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Discover the allure of Jos, the capital of Plateau State in Northern Nigeria, renowned for its captivating highlands, picturesque savannahs, and a vibrant blend of tourism, business, and music. In this guide, we delve into the hotel scene in Jos, providing a curated list of popular establishments along with valuable insights into their offerings and pricing.

Hotels in Jos: 

Jos boasts an impressive array of 214 hotels, each contributing to the city’s dynamic atmosphere. To simplify your search, we’ve compiled a list of notable hotels in Jos along with their starting prices as of June 22, 2023:

  1. Steffan Hotel and Suites: From N6,000 per night
  2. Silk Suites: From N12,500 per night
  3. Elim Top Suites: From N8,500 per night
  4. Sharna Place: From N12,995 per night
  5. HBC Resort: From N12,370 per night
  6. Crest Hotels: From N14,500 per night
  7. Valada Hotel and Resorts: From N27,500 per night
  8. Hill Station Hotel: From N6,900 per night
  9. Universal Hotels and Festival: From N2,050 per night
  10. E-Dimike Hotel: From N4,500 per night

Exploring Jos’ Premier Hotels

Silk Suites

Nestled at No. 1, Davou Mang Street, Off Zaramaganda Rd, Ray field, Jos, Plateau, Silk Suites stands out as a serene three-star hotel offering a harmonious blend of comfort and affordability. With various room categories, including Standard, Superior, Diplomatic, Deluxe, and Apartment, Silk Suites caters to both leisure and business travelers. Notable amenities include a buffet breakfast, an onsite restaurant, bar, beauty salon, spa, gym, and ample parking.

Sharna Place

Strategically located near the University of Jos, Sharna Place is a luxurious hotel designed to meet diverse needs, be it for business, tourism, or holidays. Boasting eight large suites, sixteen executive suites, and 20 standard rooms, Sharna Place provides a range of accommodations. Facilities include an onsite business center, car hire, laundry services, a restaurant, bar, and tight security. Free wireless internet, minibars, satellite TV, and air conditioning enhance the guest experience.

HBC Resort

An award-winning establishment, HBC Resort on Vom Road, Jos, lives up to its name—Healthy Body Clinic. With 40 boutique-styled rooms, including specialty suites like the Honeymoon Suite, this resort offers comfort and relaxation. Features such as an onsite restaurant, bar, conference center, therapy zone, business center, and camping ground make HBC Resort a holistic destination for guests.


Whether you seek the tranquility of Silk Suites, the opulence of Sharna Place, or the holistic experience at HBC Resort, Jos beckons with diverse accommodation options. As of June 2023, these establishments provide a snapshot of the city’s hospitality landscape. Keep an eye out for any updates in pricing due to evolving policies and seasonal changes.

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