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Discover the thrill of a cinematic adventure at Jabi Lake Mall Cinema, nestled in the heart of Abuja, Nigeria. As one of the premier cinemas constructed to international standards, Jabi Lake Mall Cinema offers movie enthusiasts an exhilarating experience with its cutting-edge technology, including great sound and clear, crisp images on large screens. Whether you’re planning a date night or seeking a relaxing escape with the latest blockbuster, Jabi Lake Mall Cinema is the place to be.

Jabi Lake Mall and Silverbird Cinemas:

Situated within the iconic Jabi Lake Mall, this cinema is owned by Silverbird Cinemas, a part of the renowned Silverbird Group founded by Ben Murray Bruce in 1980. With its inception in 2004 at Silverbird Galleria, Lagos, Silverbird Cinemas has expanded across Nigeria and beyond, bringing world-class entertainment to diverse audiences.

Ticket Prices and Packages:

For those curious about the cost of admission, Jabi Lake Mall Cinema offers various ticket packages to cater to different preferences. As of the latest update on August 23, 2023, here’s a breakdown of ticket prices:

  1. Blockbuster Movies: ₦5,000 (Includes Popcorn + Pet Drink)
  2. Children: ₦500 discount on all Tickets (Includes Popcorn + Drink)
  3. School Excursion: ₦2,000/Person (Excursion Pack + Pet Drink)
  4. VIP Movies: ₦5,500 (Includes Popcorn + Pet Drink)
  5. 3D Movies: ₦6,000 (Includes Popcorn & Pet Drink)
  6. Bollywood Movies (Regular): ₦4,500 Flat (Jumbo Popcorn & Pet Drink)
  7. Bollywood Movies (VIP): ₦5,500 Flat (Jumbo Popcorn & Pet Drink)

Note: Terms and conditions apply to each package, and prices are subject to change at the discretion of the company. For inquiries or bookings, contact the box office at 08089549540, available from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm every day.

Current Movie Offerings:

Stay in the loop with the latest films showing at Jabi Lake Mall Cinema. As of now, some of the featured movies include:

  1. “Blue Beetle” – Action, Adventure (Runtime: 2 hours 7 minutes)
  2. “Sarafina!” – Drama, Musical (Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes)
  3. “Mikolo” – Drama, Nollywood (Runtime: 1 hour 50 minutes)
  4. “The Modern Woman” – Drama, Nollywood (Runtime: 1 hour 30 minutes)
  5. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” – Action, Adventure (Runtime: 1 hour 39 minutes)
  6. “Gran Turismo” – Action, Adventure (Runtime: 2 hours 15 minutes)
  7. “Meg 2: The Trench” – Action, Adventure (Runtime: 1 hour 56 minutes)
  8. “Barbie” – Adventure, Comedy (Runtime: 1 hour 54 minutes)
  9. “Oppenheimer” – Biography, Drama (Runtime: 3 hours)
  10. “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” – Adventure, Action (Runtime: 2 hours 43 minutes)


Immerse yourself in the magic of cinema at Jabi Lake Mall Cinema, where every visit promises an unforgettable experience. Stay updated on showtimes, ticket prices, and featured films for a seamless movie-going adventure. Whether you’re a film buff or just looking for a unique outing, Jabi Lake Mall Cinema offers the perfect blend of entertainment and luxury in the heart of Nigeria’s capital city. Explore the world of cinema like never before at Jabi Lake Mall Cinema!

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