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Gone are the days when motorcycles were associated exclusively with men. The 21st century has witnessed a paradigm shift, with an increasing number of women embracing the thrill of two-wheelers. In a recent study, it was revealed that one in every ten motorcycle riders is female, highlighting a significant departure from the gender norms of the past.

The Changing Landscape:

While motorcycles were once seen primarily as a means of transportation, they have evolved into symbols of exercise and enjoyment, especially for women. Recognizing this trend, manufacturers have responded by designing bikes tailored specifically for the female rider. Unlike their male counterparts, ladies’ motorcycles are smaller, more stylish, and easier to control, catering to the unique needs and preferences of women.

The Nigerian Perspective:

In Nigeria, it took some time for the concept of ladies’ motorcycles to gain widespread acceptance. Today, however, these bikes proudly share the market space with the ubiquitous okadas and powerful bikes. Available in an array of feminine colors, these bikes boast style, compactness, and a focus on delivering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Types of Ladies Motorcycles:

The surge in popularity of motorcycles among women has prompted leading manufacturers to introduce dedicated models catering to female riders. In the last five years, prominent motorcycle firms have rolled out several 100cc bike models designed specifically for women. Let’s explore some notable features of these motorbikes.

Price Range:

Ladies’ motorcycles aren’t as prevalent in the market as their male counterparts, resulting in a limited selection. Brands that manufacture and import these bikes into Nigeria offer various sizes, designs, colors, qualities, and, of course, prices. On average, a new ladies’ bike can be purchased for around N550,000, with prices varying based on brand, model, features, and location.

For those considering a more budget-friendly option, well-maintained used ladies’ bikes are available, with prices starting from N200,000 depending on the bike’s condition.

Popular Brands and Prices :

  1. Sinoki Supra: From N200,000
  2. Qlink Target: From N255,000
  3. Jincheng Ladies Bike: From N250,000

Things to Consider Before Buying:

Purchasing a ladies’ motorcycle involves careful consideration of several factors:

  1. Seat Height: Opt for a bike with a comfortable seat height, considering cruiser or adventure-style bikes.
  2. Engine Capacity (CC): Choose a bike with a suitable CC, with 100cc bikes being economical, easy to drive, control, and maintain.
  3. Budget: Set a clear budget and explore options within your financial range.


As the culture of women embracing motorcycles continues to grow, the market responds with tailored options. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice, selecting the right ladies’ motorcycle involves thoughtful consideration of your preferences, comfort, and budget. Embrace the freedom of the open road on a bike designed just for you.

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