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In today’s dynamic printing industry, the plotter machine has emerged as an indispensable tool, particularly for graphic designers seeking to transfer intricate designs onto various materials and surfaces. Commonly known as vinyl plotters, these machines play a crucial role in shaping creative visions into tangible vinyl shapes. In this blog post, we will explore the diverse range of plotter machines available in the Nigerian market, providing insights into their features and prices.

YINGHE Vinyl Cutting Plotter – Unleashing Precision and Power (N342,000 – N400,000):

The YINGHE Vinyl Cutting Plotter stands out with its exceptional features, including a floor stand, high-performance intelligent main board, ARM 32 CPU, and a maximum cutting speed of 500mm/s. With a cutting width of 1200mm, this machine supports 2mm letters, cuts reflective film, and guarantees low noise operation.

42” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – Affordable Excellence (N198,000 – N210,000):

Ideal for various applications such as heat transfer vinyl, advertising, and banner production, the 42” Vinyl Cutting Plotter offers versatility and affordability. The package includes Art Cut Software, driver software, cutting blades, a drawing pen, and a floor stand, making it a comprehensive solution for creative professionals.

43” Vinyl Cutting Plotter – Elevate Your Designs (N210,000 – N240,000):

Similar to its 42” counterpart, the 43” Vinyl Cutting Plotter excels in diverse applications, from mobile phone beauty stickers to glass sandblasting. It comes with essential accessories like cutting blades, drawing pen, and a user manual, providing designers with a complete toolkit for their creative endeavors.

Vinyl Cutting Plotter for High-Speed Production (28″) – Precision Meets Efficiency (N180,000 – N205,000):

Designed for high-speed production, this 28” cutting plotter offers impressive specifications, including a maximum cutting speed of 600mm per second and a knife press ranging from 10 to 500 grams. With a repetition precision of 0.01mm and limitless cutting length, it’s a perfect choice for those prioritizing efficiency.

14” Table Top High-Speed Cutting Plotter Machine – Compact and Powerful (N149,000 – N200,000):

Boasting a compact design, this table-top cutting plotter machine is equipped with a 1M cache capacity, 500G cutter pressure, and a cutting width of 1000mm. With unlimited cutting length and repeat cutting capability, it provides a user-friendly experience for designers working in limited spaces.

Graphtec CE5000-60 Cutter – Precision Redefined (N900,000 – N1.2 million):

For those seeking top-tier quality, the Graphtec CE5000-60 Cutter stands as a pinnacle of design precision. With features like a digital servo motor, effective workspace of 603mm×50m, and maximum cutting speed of 600mm/s, it’s a professional choice for intricate and detailed projects.


In the vibrant landscape of plotter machines in Nigeria, choosing the right one depends on your specific needs and budget. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding designer, the diverse options mentioned above cater to a range of requirements. Elevate your printing business or creative projects with these cutting-

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