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Welcome to our in-depth review of Midea Air Conditioners in Nigeria, where we explore the brand’s reputation, product range, and pricing. With over 30 years in the market, Midea has solidified its position as a leading player, known for innovation and cutting-edge technology in the air conditioning industry.

Midea Air Conditioner Prices in Nigeria:

Understanding the pricing of Midea air conditioners is crucial for making informed purchase decisions. Prices vary based on capacity (1 HP, 1.5 HP, 2 HP) and type (split unit, window unit, or standing).

  1. Midea Split Unit Air Conditioner:

    • 1 HP: N185,000
    • 1.5 HP: N195,000
    • 2 HP: N323,000
  2. Midea Split Inverter Air Conditioner:

    • 1 HP: N263,000
    • 1.5 HP: N282,000
    • 2 HP: N419,000
  3. Midea Standing Air Conditioner:

    • 2 HP: N285,000
    • 2.5 HP: N302,500
    • 3 HP: N624,000
    • 5 Tones Standing Package: N870,500
    • 5 HP: N1,010,000

It’s important to note that prices may fluctuate due to factors like currency exchange rates and the place of purchase. Prospective buyers are advised to confirm prices before making a purchase.

About Midea Air Conditioners:

Established in 1968, Midea has earned international acclaim for its consistent delivery of top-notch products. The brand is a powerhouse in China’s private industry and has gained recognition in various sectors, including air conditioners. Midea offers a diverse range of reliable and efficient air conditioning solutions.

Availability and Purchase:

Midea Air Conditioners are widely available across Nigeria, with a presence in both physical stores and online platforms. Consumers can confidently visit Midea outlets, electronic stores, or utilize e-commerce platforms for convenience. Direct purchases from Midea outlets often come with cost benefits and the assurance of warranty coverage.

What You’ll Love About Midea Air Conditioners:

  1. Efficiency: Midea products, including air conditioners, are known for their efficiency and top-notch performance.
  2. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Midea air conditioners are designed for easy installation and maintenance, making them user-friendly.
  3. Durability: With proper maintenance, Midea air conditioners are built to last, offering longevity and reliability.


While Midea air conditioners boast numerous advantages, it’s essential to note that they fall on the relatively expensive side compared to some competitors. However, the investment is justified by the brand’s commitment to quality and durability.


Midea Air Conditioners stand out in the Nigerian market as a reliable and efficient choice. With a history of over 30 years in the industry, Midea continues to innovate and deliver top-tier products. Understanding the pricing and features of different models ensures that consumers can make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.

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