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As the dry season approaches, ensuring your home or workspace is well-ventilated becomes a top priority. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best-standing and ceiling fan brands available in Nigeria, covering OX, Panasonic, LG, Solar, Polystar, Century, Industrial Fans, and the budget-friendly Fanafrik. Discover the diverse options, prices, and features to make an informed decision for a cool and comfortable environment.

OX Fans: Quality and Innovation at its Best

When it comes to quality, innovation, and years of experience, OX stands out among the top fan brands. The OX ’18’ series and OX industrial series offer versatile standing fan options, ranging from N12,000 to N55,000. For ceiling fans, choose between giant-sized blades (N25,000) or small-sized blades (N12,000 to N15,000) based on your needs.

Panasonic: Versatility in Cooling Solutions

Panasonic proves its versatility in producing quality cooling products, including ceiling and standing fans. The Panasonic ceiling fan series, featuring 3-blade, 5-blade, WiFi, and LED options, ranges from N21,000 to N50,000. Their standing fan collection, with models like 407w, rechargeable fans, wall fan, orbit fan, and water fan, spans from N40,000 to N95,000.

LG: A Brand of Assurance

LG, a well-known brand, offers both standing and ceiling fans. LG standing fans come in big (N15,000) and small sizes (N7,500), while their ceiling fan boasts features like dual wings, inverter motor, remote control, LED display, and more, priced at N100,000.

Solar Fans: Embracing Sustainable Cooling Solutions

Solar standing and ceiling fans provide a reliable alternative during blackouts. With benefits such as mobile phone charging, 8-9 hours of operation after charging, durability, and portability, solar fans range from N5,000 to N48,000 (standing) and N13,000 to N60,000 (ceiling).

Polystar: Affordable and Functional

Polystar offers industrial standing fans (N20,000 to N45,000) and ceiling fans (N58,000) with a 5-speed capacitor regulator and 100% copper wire motor, ensuring affordability and functionality.

Century: Modern Features for Enhanced Comfort

Century standing fans, priced at N33,500, come with LED lights, USB ports, and remote control, providing 6-9 hours of operation after charging. The ceiling fan, with a 3-blade super breezy design, starts at N13,000.

Industrial Fans: Dominion, ORL, Binatone, and More

For industrial cooling needs, Dominion Electronics, ORL, Binatone, and other brands offer standing fans (N20,000 to N70,000) and ceiling fans (N18,000 to N50,000) with varying features and prices.

Fanafrik: Budget-Friendly Cooling Solutions

Fanafrik, known for affordability, provides standing fans starting at N9,000 and ceiling fans at a minimum price of N15,000.


Choosing the right fan for your needs involves considering factors like brand reputation, features, and budget. Whether you opt for the quality of OX, the versatility of Panasonic, the assurance of LG, the sustainability of solar fans, the affordability of Fanafrik, or others, this guide aims to help you make an informed decision for a cool and comfortable living or working space. Share your experiences with these brands and make the best choice for your needs. Stay cool!

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