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In the dynamic landscape of Nigeria’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry, the pricing of cement plays a pivotal role, dictating the trajectory of building projects. The fluctuating costs have left professionals in the field, including Engineers, Builders, Quantity Surveyors, and Developers, constantly monitoring and adapting to stay abreast of changes. This article delves into the crucial factors influencing cement prices, the grading system, and a detailed overview of the top cement manufacturers in Nigeria.

Understanding Cement Grades:

The primary cement used in Nigeria is Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), with Grade 43 and Grade 53 being the standard classifications based on the minimum compressive strength (N/mm2 or MPa) achieved after 28 days of setting. This strength is crucial for various construction applications, from masonry to superstructures.

Cement Price Overview:

Given the volatile nature of cement prices, it becomes imperative to stay informed about the current market rates. As of December 5, 2023, the average retail price for a 50kg bag of cement is ₦5,200, while wholesale prices (per trailer load) range from ₦4,000 to ₦5,000. Notably, BUA Cement stands out with a retail price of ₦5,000 and a wholesale price of ₦4,000 per bag, emphasizing its competitiveness in the market.

Current Cement Prices in Nigeria:

  1. Dangote Cement: ₦5,200 (Retail) | ₦2,600,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  2. Lafarge Cement: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,500,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  3. Ibeto Cement: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,650,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  4. Ashaka Cement: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,550,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  5. BUA Cement: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,400,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  6. Eagle Cement: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,550,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)
  7. UNICEM: ₦5,000 (Retail) | ₦2,600,000 (Wholesale – 600 bags)

Top Cement Manufacturers in Nigeria:

  1. Dangote Cement:

    • Annual Production Capacity: 48.6 million tonnes
    • Presence in 10 Sub-Saharan African countries
    • Headquarters: Lagos
  2. Elephant / Lafarge Cement:

    • Cement Production Capacity: 10.5 MTPA
    • Locations: South West and North East Nigeria
  3. Ibeto Cement:

    • Founded in 1997
    • Increased production capacity and storage
  4. Ashaka Cement (Subsidiary of Lafarge):

    • Headquartered in Gombe, Northern Nigeria
  5. BUA Cement:

    • Annual Production Capacity: Over 2 million tons
    • Production Plants in Edo and Sokoto States
  6. Eagle Cement:

    • Established in 1995
    • International presence


Navigating the cement market in Nigeria requires a thorough understanding of pricing dynamics, cement grades, and the key players in the industry. By staying informed about the current prices and choosing reputable manufacturers, professionals in the AEC industry can make informed decisions, ensuring the success of their building projects. For the latest updates and accurate figures, this article encourages readers to reach out and contribute to the ongoing conversation.

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