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Wood, a versatile and essential resource, plays a pivotal role in various aspects of Nigerian daily life, contributing significantly to the nation’s economic growth. From furniture design to constructing homes and other structures, the applications of wood are vast and indispensable.

The Economic Significance of Wood in Nigeria:

The economic importance of wood in Nigeria cannot be overstated. As a key contributor to the country’s economic growth, wood is utilized in various sectors, including furniture manufacturing and construction.

Determinants of Wood Cost:

The cost of wood in Nigeria varies based on factors such as wood type (hardwood or softwood) and finishing. Notably, hardwoods, particularly cedar woods, are preferred for roofing due to their strength, durability, and high resistance to weather conditions.

Plywood for Construction:

Plywood, a finely finished wood, finds applications in aesthetically pleasing constructions like wardrobes, office tables, and chairs. In 2023, the Nigerian market offers different types of plywood, each catering to specific needs:

  1. MDF Plywood
  2. HDF Plywood
  3. Marine Plywood
  4. Ordinary Plywood

Thickness and Current Prices of Plywood:

Understanding the variations in thickness and finishes is crucial when selecting plywood. The following are the current prices of plywood in Nigeria in 2023, all having a total dimension of 4 ft by 8 ft:

  • HDF 1 inch: ₦21,000
  • MDF 1 inch: ₦17,500
  • Ordinary Plywood 1 inch: ₦16,000
  • Ordinary Plywood ½ inch: ₦13,000
  • Ordinary Plywood ¼ inch: ₦9,000
  • Ordinary Plywood ⅛ inch: ₦7,500
  • Ordinary Plywood 2 inches: ₦15,500

Wood Tie Rods:

Wood tie rods, essential for fine finishing and material cohesion in construction, come in lengths matching planks or face boards. With a width of 2 ft and a thickness of 0.25 ft, tie rods are priced at ₦100 each or ₦2000 per bundle (20 pieces).

Plank Woods and Facing Boards:

Plank woods and facing boards play integral roles in construction, with facing boards used for roofing and planks for wood pallets. Here are the current prices of hardwood plank woods and facing boards in Nigeria in 2023:

  • Hardwood Facing Board 1 by 10 inches: ₦2,000
  • Softwood Facing Board 1 by 10: ₦1,500
  • Plank Wood 2 by 2 inches: ₦400
  • Plank Wood 2 by 6 inches: ₦2,300
  • Plank Wood 2 by 8 inches: ₦2,500


Wood continues to be a cornerstone of economic growth in Nigeria, with its applications ranging from construction to furniture. Understanding the types, thicknesses, and current prices of wood products is essential for making informed decisions in this dynamic market. Whether you’re a builder, designer, or homeowner, this comprehensive guide serves as a valuable resource for navigating Nigeria’s wood industry in 2023.

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