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Toyota continues to dominate the global automotive market, with the Corolla standing out as one of Nigeria’s most popular choices on the road. The 2018 model, in particular, garnered attention for its affordability, safety features, and sleek design. In this blog post, we’ll explore the Toyota Corolla 2018’s pricing in Nigeria, shedding light on both Tokunbo (foreign-used) and Nigerian-used options. Additionally, we’ll delve into common problems associated with this model to help potential buyers make informed decisions.

Toyota Corolla 2018 Price in Nigeria:

The 2018 Corolla maintains its reputation as an affordable and reliable choice. Here’s a breakdown of the pricing based on vehicle condition:

  1. Tokunbo (Foreign-Used):
    • Starting from N12.5 million for all trims.
  2. Nigerian-Used:
    • Beginning at N7.8 million for all trims.

Common Problems Associated with the Toyota Corolla 2018:

  1. Airbags:
    • While the Corolla is renowned for its safety features, some users reported issues with the airbag system. Complaints, including instances where airbags failed to deploy during a collision, raise concerns. Users are advised to exercise caution and not solely rely on airbags.
  2. Forward Collision-Avoidance:
    • Another safety feature, the forward collision-avoidance system, faced malfunctions in certain cases. Users reported difficulties in acceleration, posing potential risks in traffic. Toyota addressed this concern through service bulletins, recommending adjustments to the forward recognition camera.
  3. Vehicle Speed Control:
    • Some users encountered problems with the vehicle speed control, leading to unexpected acceleration and unresponsive brakes. While not officially addressed, drivers are urged to be vigilant and take precautions when driving the 2018 Corolla.


The Toyota Corolla 2018 remains a popular choice in Nigeria, balancing affordability with safety features. Potential buyers should be aware of both the advantages and potential issues associated with this model. Whether opting for a Tokunbo or Nigerian-used vehicle, thorough inspections and awareness of common concerns are crucial. Toyota’s ongoing commitment to addressing issues through service bulletins is reassuring, emphasizing the importance of regular maintenance to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.

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