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In today’s world, ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones is a top priority. One effective way to enhance your home security is by investing in the right security door. Not only do these doors deter intruders, but they also offer proper air circulation, making them a practical choice for various climates. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the key considerations for choosing the best security door for your needs, as well as provide insights into the price range of different models in Nigeria.

What To Look For In A Security Door

1. The Door Frame:

When evaluating a security door, the door frame is paramount. Opt for frames made of robust materials such as steel or aluminum. Be cautious of cheaper options with thin frames, as they can compromise overall security.

2. Aluminium or Steel?

While steel provides superior resistance to attacks, aluminum is a popular choice due to its lightweight, rust-resistant properties, and ample resistance to intrusion. Consider your specific security needs before choosing between the two.

3. The Grille or Mesh:

Security door frames typically feature decorative meshes or grilles that prevent intrusion. The aluminum diamond design is common, but for maximum security, choose doors with steel mesh infill. The fixing system securing the infill is crucial for its ability to withstand attacks.

4. Lock and Hinges:

Pay attention to the hinges, ensuring there are at least two installed at the top, middle, and bottom of the door. Avoid doors with only two or one hinge. Look for doors with three-point locks for added security in day-to-day use.

Prices of Security Doors In Nigeria

The prices of security doors can vary based on factors like location, seller, and door type. Here is a general overview:

Security Door Type 3ft Model 4ft Model
Chinese Security Door N40,000-N55,000 N40,000-N55,000
German Armored Security Door N120,000 – N200,000 N150,000 – N250,000
German Copper Security Door N45,000 – N75,000 N60,000 – N80,000
Local Steel Security Door N20,000 – N35,000 N15,000 – N40,000
Turkish Classic Security Door N120,000 – N140,000 N120,000 – N160,000
Turkish Luxury Security Door N20,000 – N300,000 N250,000 – N320,000

Where to Buy Security Doors In Nigeria?

Security doors are readily available in major markets and building material stores across Nigeria. For more affordable options, consider online platforms like Jiji, especially if you’re purchasing in bulk. Local security doors, found along major federal roads, offer a cost-effective alternative.

Investing in a security door is a crucial step in safeguarding your home, acting as a deterrent to potential burglars. While no door can guarantee 100% safety, having a reliable security door in place significantly contributes to your peace of mind. Choose wisely, considering the specific security needs of your location and enjoy the added benefits of enhanced ventilation and modern aesthetics.

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