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In the bustling world of kitchen appliances, blenders stand out as indispensable tools in modern kitchens. Amidst a sea of brands flooding the market, one name has consistently held its ground – Binatone. With a rich history and a commitment to top-notch quality, Binatone blenders have become a hallmark in the realm of kitchen appliances. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the prices, features, and the overall pros and cons of various Binatone blender models available in the Nigerian market.

Binatone Blender Prices in Nigeria:

Binatone has established itself as a frontrunner in the kitchen appliance market, and this is reflected in the prices of its blenders. While not the most budget-friendly, the value for money is undeniable. Here’s a snapshot of some popular Binatone blender models and their current prices in Nigeria:

  1. Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender/Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-595 (MK2) – ₦24,510 – ₦35,000
  2. Binatone 1.5 Litre Blender/Grinder With Stirring Stick BLG-555 – ₦30,000 – ₦40,000
  3. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-699 (MK2) – ₦49,000 – ₦55,000
  4. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-620 (MK2) – ₦41,700 – ₦50,000
  5. Binatone Glass Blender BLG-600S – ₦43,200 – ₦50,000
  6. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-402 (MK2) – ₦25,000 – ₦30,000
  7. Binatone Unbreakable Jar Blender/Grinder With Stick – BLG-450 (MK2) – ₦24,000 – ₦30,000
  8. Binatone Blender and Smoothie Maker BLS 360 – ₦21,115 – ₦25,000
  9. Binatone Professional Blender 1500W – ₦72,000 – ₦90,000

Factors Influencing Prices:

The prices of Binatone blenders can fluctuate due to various factors, including geographical location, seasonal variations, and currency exchange rates. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research and compare prices before making a purchase. Online platforms offer convenient options for purchasing, but due diligence is crucial in ensuring a fair deal.

Pros of Binatone Blenders:

  1. Readily Available: Binatone blenders are easily accessible, both in physical stores and online. Their widespread availability ensures that you can find the exact model you need without extensive searches.
  2. Durability: Renowned for their reliability, Binatone blenders boast a reputation for durability. These appliances are built to last, offering a long lifespan with minimal maintenance requirements.
  3. Value for Money: While not the cheapest option, Binatone blenders deliver exceptional value for money. They provide reliable, efficient, and smooth operation, making them a trustworthy choice for various blending needs.
  4. Competitive Pricing: Binatone blender prices strike a balance between affordability and quality. Positioned competitively in the market, they offer a genuine deal for the features and performance they deliver.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Binatone blenders are not only durable but also easy to maintain. In the rare event of issues arising, they can be easily fixed, adding to their overall user-friendly nature.

Cons of Binatone Blenders:

  1. Limited Variety: Unlike some competitors, Binatone focuses on quality over quantity, resulting in a more limited variety of blender options. While this ensures top-notch products, it may not cater to those seeking a wide range of choices.


Binatone blenders emerge as a solid choice for those prioritizing reliability, durability, and performance in their kitchen appliances. The brand’s commitment to quality, coupled with competitive pricing, makes Binatone blenders a favorable option for consumers. Whether you are a seasoned chef or a kitchen novice, investing in a Binatone blender promises a blend of efficiency and longevity. Explore the diverse models, consider your specific needs, and make an informed choice for a blending companion that stands the test of time.

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