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Steel rods, commonly known as reinforcements, play a crucial role in the construction of buildings by supporting and transferring loads across different structural points. Understanding the types and uses of various steel rods is vital in the construction business. In this blog post, we will not only delve into the types and prices of steel rods in Nigeria but also explore the factors influencing their costs.

Types and Uses of Steel Rods:

Steel rods come in different varieties, each serving a specific purpose in construction. The main categories include pre-stressing steel, mild steel plain bars, cold-worked steel, and hot-rolled deformed bars. Despite their professional nomenclature as steel rods or reinforcements, traders commonly refer to them as iron rods. These components not only facilitate load transfer but also enhance the concrete in columns and beams, earning them the name “reinforcements.”

Prices of Steel Rods in Nigeria:

Steel rods are typically priced based on their sizes in millimeters, with most transactions occurring on a per-ton basis. Below are the unit prices and prices per ton for various steel rod sizes in the Nigerian market:

  1. 6 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N1,200 – N1,300
    • Price per ton (376 pieces): N451,200 – N488,800
  2. 8 mm steel rods:
    • Price per unit: N2,100 – N2,200
    • Price per ton (210 pieces): N441,000 – N462,000
  3. 10 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N3,300 – N3,500
    • Price per ton (134 pieces): N442,200 – N469,000
  4. 12 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N4,800 – N5,000
    • Price per ton (93 pieces): N446,400 – N465,000
  5. 16 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N8,500 – N8,700
    • Price per ton (52 pieces): N442,000 – N452,400
  6. 20 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N13,000 – N14,000
    • Price per ton (34 pieces): N442,000 – N476,000
  7. 25 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N21,000 – N22,000
    • Price per ton (21 pieces): N441,000 – N462,000
  8. 30 mm steel rods:

    • Price per unit: N30,500 – N31,500
    • Price per ton (15 pieces): N457,500 – N472,500

Factors Affecting Steel Rod Prices in Nigeria:

Understanding the dynamic nature of steel rod prices is crucial for stakeholders in the construction industry. Several factors contribute to the frequent changes in these prices, including:

Product Quality:

    • High-quality materials and efficient manufacturing processes contribute to costlier steel rods. Users should conduct due diligence to ensure the desired quality.

Import Duties:

    • Locally produced steel rods are generally cheaper, as they bypass import duties. Imported rods, however, incur additional costs due to import duties, reflecting in higher prices.


    • The cost of steel rods varies by location, with higher living standards in states like Rivers or Lagos resulting in higher prices. Regions with lower living standards, such as Ogun or Kwara, tend to offer more affordable steel rods.


this comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into the types, prices, and influencing factors of steel rods in Nigeria. Whether you are a builder, contractor, or enthusiast in the construction industry, staying informed about these aspects is essential for making informed decisions. Keep in mind that prices may vary based on factors like location, product quality, and import duties, making it imperative to stay updated with market dynamics.

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