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A good night’s sleep is paramount for overall well-being, and choosing the right mattress is a crucial step towards achieving that. In Nigeria, Vitafoam stands out as a household name synonymous with quality and comfort. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the importance of sound sleep, the reputation of Vitafoam, and explore alternatives for those seeking the best mattresses in Nigeria.

The Significance of Sound Sleep:

Undeniably, the benefits of a restful night’s sleep extend beyond mere refreshment; they impact your efficiency and overall health. A key component to achieving this is investing in a comfortable mattress. Vitafoam, a leading brand in Nigeria, has consistently delivered high-quality products, earning its place among the top choices for many.

Vitafoam: A Trusted Brand in Nigeria:

Ask any Nigerian to name the top mattress brands, and Vitafoam is likely to be on their list. The brand’s popularity is a testament to its commitment to maintaining product excellence since its establishment. Vitafoam mattresses are renowned for their durability, comfort, and ability to facilitate sound and healthy sleep.

Price Overview of Vitafoam Mattresses in Nigeria:

Vitafoam mattresses come in various sizes, designs, and types, all while maintaining a consistent level of top quality. While the brand may not be the cheapest, it offers excellent value for money. To assist you in making an informed decision, here’s a breakdown of the prices for different types and sizes of Vitafoam mattresses in the Nigerian market:

Vita Spring Prices:

  • Vita Spring Flex 4.5x6x10″ – From ₦119,000
  • Vita Spring Flex 6x7x10″ – From ₦174,000
  • Vita Spring Firm 7x7x10″ – From ₦281,000

Vita Supreme Prices:

  • Vita Supreme 4.5x6x20″ – From ₦257,000
  • Vita Supreme 6x6x16″ – From ₦272,000
  • Vita Supreme 7x7x14″ – From ₦346,000

Vita Grand Prices:

  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x6x16″ – From ₦158,000
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6×4.5×14″ – From ₦103,000
  • Vita Grand Mattress 6x7x12″ – From ₦145,000

Vita Shine, Orthopedic, and Other Models:

  • Vita Shine 6x4x6″ – From ₦29,000
  • Vita Orthopedic 6x7x10 feet – From ₦298,000
  • Vita Sizzler – From ₦88,700

Vitafoam Pillow Prices:

  • Vita Pama fibre pillow – From N6,500
  • Vita Haven memory pillow – From ₦13,000
  • Vita Gazelle fibre pillow – From ₦6,000

Where to Purchase:

Vitafoam mattresses are available through various channels, including direct purchase from the manufacturer, distributors, online stores, and contemporary retailers. For peace of mind and the option to return or exchange products, it is recommended to buy directly from the manufacturer or authorized distributors.


In your quest for a quality mattress in Nigeria, Vitafoam remains a solid choice. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and a range of options for different needs make it a popular and reliable option. Consider your preferences, budget, and mattress requirements to find the perfect Vitafoam mattress for a rejuvenating and sound sleep.

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