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Are you considering venturing into the lucrative world of salon business in Nigeria? Congratulations on taking the first step! To ensure your salon stands out and operates efficiently, choosing the right equipment is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss the must-have salon equipment and their prices, ensuring you make informed decisions without breaking the bank.

Salon Equipment Price List in Nigeria

Navigating the Nigerian market for salon equipment can be daunting, with the risk of purchasing sub-standard items or paying exorbitant prices. To assist you, we’ve surveyed the market and compiled a list of essential salon equipment along with their prices:

  1. Foot Spa Pedicure with Infrared Heating Massager: N28,800
  2. Haircut Barbers Cape Hair Cloth Waterproof: N2,700
  3. Pedicure Callous Remover – Wet/Dry Feet Tool: N3,700
  4. Scholl Plus Pedicure Foot Spa With Infrared Heating Massage: N29,000
  5. Bestauty Hot & Cold Pulse Beauty Device: N17,480
  6. Waterproof Hairdressing Gown Barbers Cape Hair Apron: N4,880
  7. Hair Pen Hair Design Face Pencil Trimmer Barber: N3,120
  8. Twists Dreadlocks Foam Sponge: N3,990
  9. HEAVY DUTY Foldable Metal Makeup Chair: N80,000
  10. Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tool Natural Jade Stone: N2,360
  11. Salon Hairdressing Hair Apron Front-Back Cape: N5,230
  12. Clear Plastic Sterilizing Box Container Sanitizing Case Jar: N33,756
  13. Salon Hairdressing Barber Chair Back Cover Hair Plastic PVC: N4,350
  14. Hairdressing Flexible Table Anti-Skid Silicone Mat: N14,980
  15. 20” Barber Apron & Set Hair Dyeing Cape Salon: N5,950
  16. Salon Barber Chair: N84,200
  17. 500pcs Stretchy Disposable Neck Paper Strips Barber Salon Pink: N12,680
  18. Rechargeable Pedicure Callus Remover-Wet/Dry Feet Tool: N3,600
  19. Comfort Essential 16 Stones Hot Stone Massage Therapy: N25,000
  20. Folding Mirror With LED Touch Screen Makeup Mirror: N37,130
  21. Foot Detox/Pedicure & Massage Spa Bowl: N42,000
  22. Portable Steam Sauna With Free Foldable Chair: N119,000
  23. Spin Spa Facial Cleaner: N3,000
  24. Hair Steaming Cap: N5,000
  25. Aluminum Talc Powder Air Blower Puffer Barbers Talcum: N5,800
  26. Protective Disposable Latex Hand Surgical Glove L (100 Pcs) Pink: N6,950
  27. 3.5inch Haircut Cape Barber Cape: N3,000
  28. Disinfecting Sterilizing Glass Jar For Barber Nail Art: N20,790
  29. Salon Hairdressing Hair Apron Cape For Barber Orange: N8,933
  30. Portable Hair Backwash Washing Tray Sink Basin For Home Black: N14,347
  31. Salon Plasma Pen Black Dot Vacuum Cleaner Laser: N10,000
  33. Massage Bed Foldable Massage Table: N160,000
  34. 2 Pieces 1/6 Scale Round Swivel Chair Pub Bar Stool For 12” Action: N21,000
  35. High Frequency Facial Spa Machine With LED Light Electrode: N17,000


Choosing the right salon equipment is a pivotal step in establishing a successful salon business in Nigeria. Armed with this comprehensive price list, you can make informed decisions, ensuring your salon is well-equipped without exceeding your budget. Invest wisely, and may your salon business flourish in the vibrant beauty industry of Nigeria!

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