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In the dynamic world of electronics, Samsung stands as a global powerhouse, known for its cutting-edge technology and a diverse range of products, from memory chips to digital media devices. Among its stellar lineup is the highly sought-after Samsung 55-inch TV, a marvel in size, design, and functionality. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect TV in Nigeria, we’ve got you covered with an exclusive look at the latest Samsung 55-inch TV prices.

Why Samsung TVs are Worth the Investment

Samsung’s commitment to being an enduring industry leader is evident in its relentless pursuit of innovation through research and development. This dedication results in products that consistently offer reliability, durability, and premium quality. Understandably, such excellence comes with a price tag, but the investment is well worth the cutting-edge technology and superior build.

Samsung 55-Inch TV Prices in Nigeria

To assist you in navigating the market, we’ve conducted a thorough survey to bring you the most up-to-date prices for Samsung 55-inch TVs in Nigeria. Here’s a curated list of top picks:

  1. Samsung 55 Inch AU8000 Certified 4K Crystal UHD TV:
    • Price: From ₦500,000
  2. Samsung 55 Inch Certified Premium Class HDR Smart UHD TV:
    • Price: From ₦568,000
  3. Samsung 55 Inch Class Q60A HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV:
    • Price: From ₦720,000
  4. Samsung 55 Inch Crystal UHD 4K 2021 HDR+ LED Smart TV:
    • Price: From ₦800,000
  5. Samsung 55 Inch Curved 4K Crystal Ultra HD HDR Smart – TV TU8300:
    • Price: From ₦800,000


Investing in a Samsung 55-inch TV is not just a purchase; it’s a commitment to an unparalleled viewing experience. With a range of options catering to various preferences, Samsung ensures that there’s a perfect fit for every household.

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