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In the bustling world of home appliances, finding a reliable and efficient washing machine is crucial for a stress-free laundry experience. One brand that stands out among the myriad options is Scanfrost. With a legacy dating back to the inception of washing machines in Nigeria, Scanfrost has consistently delivered top-notch electric home appliances. This blog post explores the efficiency and durability of Scanfrost washing machines, offering insights into their features, specifications, and prices in the Nigerian market.

Why Choose Scanfrost Washing Machines?

Scanfrost boasts a range of washing machines designed to simplify your laundry routine. Let’s delve into some of their notable models, highlighting key features, specifications, and prices:

  1. Scanfrost Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine – SFWMTLZK:

    • 6kg top-loading washer
    • Plastic anti-deformation body
    • Transparent door window
    • Fuzzy control function
    • Child lock function
    • Anti-winding function
    • 6 wash programs
    • Water recycle
    • Price: From N156,600
  2. Scanfrost 6KG Twin Tub Semi-Automatic Washing Machine – White:

    • 6kg capacity with twin tub design
    • Toughened glass connected cover
    • Superior built-in reversible drain pump
    • Highly efficient copper coil motor
    • Deep clean for laundry with every wash
    • Price: From N125,000
  3. Scanfrost 6KG Front Load Cloth Dryer SFD6000:

    • 6kg dryer with inbuilt light
    • Mechanical timer option for heating
    • Silver finish
    • Price: From N225,786
  4. Scanfrost 6.8kg Washing Machine SFSANTTA6:

    • 6.8kg twin tub with plastic body
    • Superior built-in reversible drain pump
    • Highly efficient copper coil motor
    • Deep clean for laundry with every wash
    • Price: From N132,000
  5. Scanfrost 6kg Semi-Automatic Washing Machine:

    • Wash and spin functionality
    • Reversible drain pump
    • Superior quality and highly efficient motor
    • Price: From N160,000

Understanding Scanfrost Washing Machine Types:

Top Loaders:

  • Advantages:

    • Convenient top-loading design
    • Less prone to odors compared to front loaders
    • Eliminates the need for expensive bases
  • Disadvantages:

    • Higher water consumption
    • Requires careful loading for effective wash
    • Longer wash cycles and can be harsh on clothes

Front Loaders:

  • Advantages:

    • Uses less water and energy
    • No need to drain and refill for rinsing
    • Requires less detergent and is gentler on clothes
    • Some models feature water heaters
  • Disadvantages:

    • Larger in size
    • Can develop musty odors if not cared for properly


Choosing a washing machine shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Scanfrost offers a diverse range of washing machines catering to different needs. Whether you opt for the top-loading convenience or the water-efficient front loaders, Scanfrost ensures quality and durability. Make an informed decision for a blissful laundry experience with Scanfrost washing machines.

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