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In the realm of luxury SUVs, BMW stands as an iconic brand, and its X4, X5, and X6 models have carved out a niche of remarkable success in Nigeria. This blog post delves into the distinctive features and pricing of these sought-after vehicles in the Nigerian market, catering to the discerning tastes of the first-class and above-average citizens.

BMW X4: Refined Elegance on the Road

    • Overview: Since its debut in 2014, the BMW X4 has outshone its predecessor, the X3, with its classier features and user-friendly design.
    • Features: Boasting automatic air conditioning, heated leather seats, cruise control, DAB Radio, and parking sensors, the X4 offers a comfortable yet powerful driving experience.
    • Pricing:
      • Brand New: Starting from 24 million naira.
      • Foreign Used (2015-2017): From N20 million naira.
      • Locally Used (2015-2017): From N18.5 million naira.

BMW X5: A Pinnacle of Sports Activity Vehicles

    • Evolution: Since its 1999 debut, the BMW X5 has evolved into a Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) with on-road prowess and flexibility.
    • Features: With four trims, including a panoramic sunroof, power liftgate, keyless entry, and a sophisticated iDrive system, the X5 epitomizes style and comfort.
    • Pricing:
      • Brand New: Starting from 23 million naira.
      • Foreign Used (2005-2011): From N7 million.
      • Foreign Used (2012-2016): From N13.7 million.
      • Nigerian Used (2005-2011): From N2.8 million.
      • Nigerian Used (2012-2016): From N8 million.

BMW X6: The Sports Activity Coupe Redefined

    • Distinctive Design: Positioned as a “Sports Activity Coupe,” the BMW X6 combines efficiency, firmness, and style.
    • Performance: Equipped with xDrive 35i and xDrive 50i trims, the X6 excels in high-riding performance, handling, and power distribution.
    • Pricing:
      • Brand New: Starting from N32 million.
      • Foreign Used (2009-2012): From N8 million.
      • Foreign Used (2013-2016): From N15 million.
      • Nigerian Used (2009-2012): From N6 million.
      • Nigerian Used (2013-2015): From N8 million.


    • Closing Thoughts: In Nigeria, BMW X4, X5, and X6 continue to captivate automotive enthusiasts, offering a blend of opulence, performance, and cutting-edge features.
    • Availability: Whether opting for a brand new model, a carefully curated foreign-used option, or a locally used gem, these BMW SUVs promise a driving experience like no other.
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