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In the fast-paced digital landscape of Nigeria, reliable internet access is crucial for both businesses and individuals. Swift, established in 2002, has emerged as a prominent player in the broadband internet space, offering cost-effective and efficient services. This blog post will delve into Swift’s array of data plans, their prices, and how users can activate them to enjoy seamless internet connectivity.

Swift Data Plans Overview:

Swift provides a range of 4G LTE data plans designed to cater to various needs, making it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals alike. The plans are known for their affordability and comprehensive coverage, making Swift a popular option in the Nigerian market.

  1. Swift 90-Days and Yearly Data Plans:
    • SWIFT Bounty Budget: N19,800 for 80GB, valid for 90 days
    • SWIFT Bounty Regular: N26,130 for 148GB, valid for 90 days
    • … (list continues)
  2. Swift Low Budget Plans:
    • Swift Liberty: N1,150 for 2GB, valid for 30 days
    • Swift Liberty Plus: N1,400 for 2.5GB, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)
  3. Swift-Capped Data Plans:
    • Promo Swift Essential Mini: N6,000 for 20GB, valid for 30 days
    • Swift Professional: N11,300 for 45GB, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)
  4. Swift Unlimited Data Plans:
    • SWIFT Unlimited Weekly: N7,150 for unlimited data, valid for 7 days
    • SWIFT Unlimited Supreme: N27,500 for unlimited data, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)
  5. Swift Free Night Browsing Plans:
    • Swift Merit: N5,500 for 10GB, valid for 14 days
    • Swift Essential Plus: N13,200 for 27GB, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)
  6. Swift WTTX Plans:
    • Unlimited @ 5mbps Speed: N720 for unlimited data, valid for 1 day
    • … (list continues)
  7. Swift Business Data Plans:
    • SmartBusiness Business: N9,010 for 30GB, valid for 30 days
    • SmartBusiness Premium: N15,870 for 65GB, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)
  8. Swift Jumbo Plans:
    • Swift Premium: N19,750 for 90GB, valid for 30 days
    • New Swift Max Lite: N22,520 for 120GB, valid for 30 days
    • … (list continues)

Activation Methods:

Unlike traditional activation codes, Swift offers multiple convenient methods for subscribing to their data plans:

  • Quick Teller
  • Pay Arena
  • ATMs
  • USSD (Exclusive to Guaranty Trust Bank customers; dial 73750Amount4#)


Swift’s commitment to enhancing internet services in Nigeria is evident through its diverse and affordable data plans. Whether you’re a business owner or an individual looking for reliable connectivity, Swift has tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. Stay connected seamlessly with Swift’s high-quality internet services.

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