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Smart TVs have revolutionized the television market, offering a seamless blend of advanced features and sleek designs. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of TCL Smart TVs, a rising brand making waves in Nigeria. From their prices to notable features, we’ll explore what makes TCL Smart TVs a compelling choice for consumers.

TCL Smart TV Prices in Nigeria:

TCL Smart TVs come with a price tag that reflects their quality, positioning them in the mid-range market. Though not direct competitors to industry giants like Samsung or LG, TCL TVs boast functionality, ease of use, and overall productivity that justify their cost. As of January 5th, 2023, here is a breakdown of TCL Smart TV prices in Nigeria:

  1. TCL 32 Inches Android Smart TV – From N120, 000
  2. TCL 40 Inches Android Smart Full TV – From N170, 000
  3. TCL 43 Inches Android Smart FHD TV – From N200, 000
  4. TCL 55 Inches Android Smart UHD TV – From N290, 000
  5. TCL 55 Inches Android Smart 4K TV – From N310, 000
  6. TCL 55 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV – From N350, 000
  7. TCL 65 Inches Android Smart Curved UHD TV – From N550, 000
  8. TCL 32 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – From N160, 000
  9. TCL 40 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – From N200, 000
  10. TCL 48 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – From N250, 000
  11. TCL 50 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – From N280, 000
  12. TCL 55 inches ROKU TV Cold Cutter Certified – From N350, 000

Why Choose TCL Smart Televisions:

Impressive Picture and Sound Quality: TCL Smart TVs deliver top-notch picture quality, ensuring an immersive viewing experience for various content genres. Additionally, the brand stands out with exceptional sound quality, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

Durability and Ease of Setup:

TCL Smart TVs are built to last, combining durability with an easy setup process. Users can enjoy a reliable product with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to both tech enthusiasts and novices. The product’s durability is backed by a warranty for added peace of mind.

Compatibility with Other Devices:

These smart televisions seamlessly integrate with other devices through USB ports and HDMI slots. TCL ensures compatibility, allowing users to connect their favorite gadgets effortlessly.


Limited Availability: While TCL is gaining recognition, its products may not be as readily available as more established brands, especially in rural areas. However, the convenience of online shopping platforms makes it easier to find and purchase TCL Smart TVs.


TCL Smart TVs offer a compelling combination of quality, durability, and advanced features at competitive prices. Whether you prioritize picture and sound quality or seek compatibility with various devices, TCL Smart TVs present a viable option in the evolving world of smart entertainment. Explore online platforms for convenient purchases and elevate your viewing experience with TCL’s innovative technology.

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