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Are you in the market for a reliable, spacious, and fuel-efficient sedan in Nigeria? Look no further than the Toyota Camry 2014. In this blog post, we’ll explore the pricing details, key features, and reasons why the Toyota Camry 2014 could be your ideal choice.

Toyota Camry 2014 Price in Nigeria:

Understanding the cost of a vehicle is crucial before making a purchase decision. In Nigeria, the Toyota Camry 2014 is available in both Tokunbo (foreign-used) and Nigerian-used versions.

  1. Tokunbo Toyota Camry 2014: Starting from N7.5 million
  2. Nigerian-used Toyota Camry 2014: Starting from N5.8 million

Why Choose the Toyota Camry 2014?

1. Reliability: Renowned for its durability, both the four and six-cylinder versions of the Toyota Camry 2014 have earned a reputation for being highly reliable. The six-speed automatic transmission adds to its longevity.

2. Spacious Interior: With a generous 40-inch legroom between front and rear seats, the Camry 2014 ensures comfort for all passengers. The ample trunk space further enhances its practicality for trips of any size.

3. Smooth Driving Experience: Regardless of the engine version, the Toyota Camry 2014 provides a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. The powerful four-cylinder and six-cylinder engines contribute to a comfortable daily commute.

4. Fuel Economy: In a region where fuel efficiency is paramount, the Camry 2014 shines with a four-cylinder engine offering an impressive 35 miles per gallon – a standout feature among its competitors.

5. Safety Features: Prioritizing safety, Toyota has equipped the Camry 2014 with various safety features for both adults and children. Additional safety options, such as a rear-view camera, cross-traffic alert, and blind-spot monitoring, can be added for enhanced security.

Performance Specifications:

For the tech-savvy, here are some key performance specs of the Toyota Camry 2014:

  • Engine Type: Regular Unleaded I-4
  • Horsepower: 178 @ 6000 RPM
  • Torque: 170 @ 4100 RPM
  • Transmission: 6-speed Automatic w/OD
  • Brake Type: 4-Wheel Disc
  • Steering Type: Rack-Pinion
  • Tire Size: P205/65VR16
  • Suspension: Strut (Front and Rear)


the Toyota Camry 2014 offers a compelling package of reliability, spaciousness, smooth driving, fuel efficiency, and safety features. Whether opting for a Tokunbo or Nigerian-used version, this sedan stands out in the Nigerian automotive market. Consider the Toyota Camry 2014 for a driving experience that combines comfort and practicality.

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