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In the realm of car manufacturers, Toyota stands as a prominent name in Nigeria, with its diverse lineup of sedan and SUV models, including the ever-popular Highlander. Launched in 2001, the Toyota Highlander 2014 marks the inception of the third generation, boasting a refined cabin and spacious seating for up to eight passengers. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pricing details, features, and essential considerations when purchasing a Toyota Highlander 2014 in Nigeria.

Toyota Highlander 2014 Price in Nigeria

Tokunbo (Foreign Used)

For those seeking a pristine option with minimal faults, Tokunbo vehicles are the go-to choice. Reliable sources such as trusted car dealerships or online marketplaces like Jiji, Carmart, or Cars45 offer the Toyota Highlander 2014 at approximately N16 million.


Opting for a Nigerian-used Highlander can be a more budget-friendly alternative, with prices starting from N13 million. However, potential buyers should exercise caution due to the wear and tear associated with local roads and maintenance practices.

Things to Check Before Purchasing a Toyota Highlander 2014

1. Reliability Check

While the Toyota Highlander 2014 generally boasts high reliability ratings, a pre-purchase inspection is crucial. Engage a trustworthy mechanic to scrutinize the vehicle’s condition and delve into its history to make an informed decision.

2. Test Drive

Conducting a comprehensive test drive on varied terrains is essential. This step helps unveil potential issues masked on smoother roads, including squeaks, creaks, or clunking sounds. Assess the performance of brakes and transmission, and seek professional advice if any concerns arise.

3. Transmission Evaluation

Given occasional complaints about the Highlander’s transmission, buyers must pay special attention to this aspect during the inspection. Ensure seamless operation without any anomalies, seeking expert guidance if doubts persist.

Toyota Highlander 2014 Comfort and Convenience Specifications

  • Audio System: AM/FM stereo radio with 6 speakers
  • Climate Control: 3-zone automatic climate control
  • Display: 8″ monitor with Bluetooth capability
  • Cargo: Underfloor storage and power rear hatch
  • Safety: Smart Key System, rearview camera, and more

Noteworthy Features

  • Reliable Navigation: Equipped with a user-friendly navigation system.
  • Comfortable Interior: Illuminated vanity mirrors, adjustable steering wheel, and spacious cargo area.
  • Convenient Technology: Bluetooth capability, keyless entry, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls.


the Toyota Highlander 2014 emerges as a compelling choice in the midsize SUV class in Nigeria, offering a blend of comfort, reliability, and advanced features. Prospective buyers can make an informed decision by considering the outlined pricing options and conducting a thorough pre-purchase inspection. As a reliable companion for large families, this SUV remains a noteworthy contender in the Nigerian automotive landscape.

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