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In today’s fast-paced world, staying connected through technology is crucial. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest advancements while saving money on communication, buying UK used phones in Nigeria could be the perfect solution. These phones often come in excellent condition, neatly packaged, and are a bargain compared to brand-new devices. Particularly for well-known and reliable brands like Samsung, HTC, and iPhones, UK used phones can offer near-perfect functionality.

Why Choose UK Used Phones?

While some may argue that these devices aren’t brand-new, they are typically in excellent condition, making them a cost-effective alternative. Most importantly, these phones are often unlocked before being sold, ensuring compatibility with various network providers.

Prices of UK Used Phones in Nigeria

Let’s dive into the prices of UK used phones for popular brands in Nigeria as of July 30, 2023:

Prices of UK Used Apple iPhones:

  • iPhone X: N200,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus: N150,000
  • iPhone 8: N105,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus: N100,000
  • iPhone 7: N75,000
  • iPhone 6: N38,000
  • iPhone 6 Plus: N55,000
  • iPhone 6S: N58,000
  • iPhone 6S Plus: N75,000
  • iPhone 5S: N40,000
  • iPhone 5C: N25,000
  • iPhone 4: N20,000
  • iPhone 4S: N28,000
  • iPhone 5: N30,000

Prices of UK Used Samsung Phones:

  • Galaxy S6: N45,000
  • Galaxy S6 Edge: N60,000
  • Galaxy Note 5: N70,000
  • Galaxy S7: N58,000
  • Galaxy S7 Edge: N75,000
  • Galaxy S8: N85,000
  • Galaxy S8 Plus: N95,000
  • Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: N60,000
  • J7: N40,000
  • J5: N35,000
  • Galaxy S3: N20,000
  • Galaxy S4: N25,000
  • Galaxy S5: N30,000
  • Galaxy Note 2: N35,000
  • Galaxy Note 3: N36,000
  • Galaxy Note 4: N45,000
  • Galaxy Note Edge: N50,000

Prices of UK Used Blackberry Phones:

  • DTEK 50: N35,000
  • Bold 5 9900: N10,000
  • Z30: N23,000
  • Leap: N28,000
  • Priv: N50,000
  • Classic: N27,000
  • Passport: N40,000
  • Q10: N25,000
  • Z3: N35,000
  • Q5: N15,000
  • Z10: N45,000

Prices of UK Used HTC Phones:

  • One M7: N30,000
  • One M8: N30,000
  • One M9: N40,000
  • One M9 Plus: N45,000
  • One M10: N50,000
  • Butterfly: N25,000

Prices of UK Used Sony Xperia Phones:

  • Xperia Z1: N25,000
  • Xperia Z2: N35,000
  • Xperia Z3: N40,000

Prices of UK Used Samsung Tablets:

  • Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inches: N85,000
  • Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches: N60,000
  • Galaxy Tab 3 7.0: N40,000
  • Galaxy Tab 3 10.1: N50,000
  • Galaxy Note 9: N130,000
  • Galaxy Note 10: N190,000
  • Galaxy Tab 4 7.0: N45,000
  • Galaxy Tab 4 10.1: N55,000
  • Galaxy Tab S: N85,000
  • Galaxy Note Pro: N115,000

Prices of Used Tecno Phones:

  • D9: N14,000
  • M6: N16,500
  • M7: N20,000
  • P5: N25,000
  • Phantom A+: N30,000
  • Phantom A3: N26,000
  • Phantom P9 (pad): N24,000
  • Phantom 6+: N40,000
  • Camon C7: N35,000
  • Camon C8: N38,000
  • Camon C9: N36,000

Prices of UK Used Apple iPads:

  • iPad 3: N70,000
  • iPad Mini 3: N110,000
  • iPad Mini 4: N135,000
  • iPad Air: N120,000
  • iPad Air 2: N135,000

Things to Consider Before Buying a UK Used Phone

  1. Budget: Determine your budget beforehand.
  2. Ease of Use: Consider the phone’s user-friendliness.
  3. Phone Condition: Inspect the phone thoroughly for any issues.
  4. Value of Brand-New Version: Compare the used price to a brand-new model.
  5. Reviews: Research and read reviews about the specific phone model.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a UK used phone that meets your needs and budget. Stay connected without breaking the bank!

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